MLB Network posted their schedule of 2018 Spring Training games that they will broadcast, starting on February 23rd and running until March 28th. Below, you will find every game for the Pittsburgh Pirates, along with the starting time. I put asterisks next to the games that are live broadcasts.

As you will notice, only five of the games are live and three of them are home games, which will likely be shown on AT&T SportsNet and blacked out on MLB Network in the local area. If you’re out of the local Pittsburgh area and known how to work a DVR (or VCR still?), then you will get to see 17 games. Most of the home games will be shown on SportsNet I’m sure, at least that’s how it usually works out, since MLB Network doesn’t actually cover any of the games on their own and most clubs don’t send their TV crew on the road for games.

Note: The schedule was updated on March 3rd. MLB Network added one game, changed two air times and they got rid of two repeats from earlier broadcasts. Basically, you get one extra game and may have to change the DVR time for the other games.

3/4 @ Twins 8 PM

*3/8 vs Tigers 1 PM

*3/9  @ Phillies 1 PM

*3/11 @ Blue Jays 1 PM

3/13 vs Orioles 9 AM (delayed from 3/12)

3/14 vs Rays 8 PM

3/16 @ Yankees 6 AM (delayed from 3/15)

*3/16: vs Braves 1 PM

3/18: vs Twins 9 AM (delayed from 3/17)

3/19: @ Blue Jays 6 AM (delayed from 3/18)

3/20: vs Twins  6 AM (delayed from 3/19)

3/21: @ Twins 7 PM

3/23: vs Blue Jays 2 AM (delayed from 3/22)

3/24: vs Phillies 12:30 AM (delayed from 3/23)

3/25: vs Rays 9 AM (delayed from 3/24)

*3/26: vs Phillies 1 PM

3/28:  @ Phillies 9 AM (delayed from 3/27)

The games that don’t indicate live or delayed are from earlier in the same day. You might want to save this link for easy reference.

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