The Complete 2018 Prospect Guide is Now Available!

This year we did a little something different with the Prospect Guide. We released it in eBook form, which allowed us to provide several releases of the book throughout the offseason.

The first release came right before Christmas, and was our initial top 50 prospect list. That was updated in January with new prospects following the Gerrit Cole and Andrew McCutchen trades. And now the full book is available, with information on every prospect in the system, which is appropriate today since it’s the first day of Spring Training.

If you haven’t purchased the book already, you can get it here for just $19.99.

If you have purchased the book, use the download link that was sent to your email account when you ordered to get the updated copy (TIP: check your spam folder, or do a search for “Pirates Prospects” in your inbox).

We also have a limited paperback version, which was sent to the printers today. There will only be 300 copies of that available, and my guess is that they will be sold out by the time I get the books for shipment. If you want a paperback version, you should order now.

The paperback version will be shipped after I receive the book from the publisher. I don’t have a date yet, but it should be at some point in the next week. It first has to go through the process of being proofed (making sure everything prints correctly), followed by the actual printing and binding of the books, at which point I will pack it all up and ship the books out.