MLB Releases Draft Bonus Pools and Slot Values

Major League Baseball announced the draft bonus pool and individual slot values on Thursday. The Pittsburgh Pirates have the tenth overall pick in the 2018 draft. They also have the 36th overall pick thanks to the Competitive Balance pick they received in November. That pick was originally 31st overall, but dropped five spots after all of the free agents who received qualifying offers were signed.

The pool will change slightly for some teams once Greg Holland’s deal with the St Louis Cardinals is official, but due to the placement of those lost/gained picks, it won’t affect the Pirates.

The Pirates total pool will be $10,390,400, which is the seventh highest in baseball. Here are the breakdown of the individuals picks through the tenth round. Every pick after the tenth round has a $125,000 slot value:

10th overall: $4,560,200

36: $1,967,900

51: $1,382,400

86. $673,200

114: $488,200

144. $364,400

174. $275,600

204. $215,500

234. $171,800

264. $150,200

294. $140,800