The Pirates started the 2018 season 3-0, which is about three more wins than a lot of pre-season predictions had them at.

Yes, they played the Tigers — a team projected by Fangraphs to lose 93 games this year. Yes, it’s only a small sample size, and anything can happen in baseball in a three game series.

But watching those games reaffirmed my belief in what this team will be during the 2018 season. I don’t think they’re going to be top contenders. I think their best bet is a shot at the second Wild Card spot. I don’t think they’ll be anywhere near as bad as the most pessimistic predictions. And I think there will be a lot of exciting moments to watch for the future, like every big hit from Gregory Polanco, every solid outing from Tyler Glasnow, and all of the other promising performances from the younger players.

And that’s not even including what’s going on in the minors.

No matter what happens with the Pirates this year, we plan on covering it all. We’ve got a great team assembled, with the most in-depth coverage of the system that you can find.

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What You Get

The subscriptions only amount to pennies per day, but allow us to provide live coverage from all over the system, which is something that no other site offers. Here’s a look at what you’ll get just this week.

Alan Saunders and Matt Gajtka have already begun with their daily Pirates features, and they will be continuing giving you insight from inside the clubhouse starting today with the home opener.

In the minors, I’ll be writing up season previews this week. Next week starts our features from the minor league team, with Brian Peloza in Indianapolis, Sean McCool in Altoona, Tom Bragg in West Virginia, and myself in Bradenton, covering the Marauders and extended Spring Training.

John Dreker will be covering the draft and international news, while gearing up for the Prospect Watch each night when the minor league season begins on Thursday. John and I will be splitting duties on the Morning Report, each providing additional insight throughout each week, with the article going up every morning.

Also, leading up to the start of the minor league season, I’ll be doing some live chats this week on various social media platforms. Those will be free for all, and will lead up to our weekly Q&A on Friday.

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