Live Discussion: Rockies 2, Pirates 0

PITTSBURGH — Getting hit in the hand by a 96 MPH hurts, or so one would figure. I’ve never tried it and don’t intend to.

Josh Harrison has. Twenty-four times over the last two seasons, well not all in the hand, but you get the drift.

It also hurts to spend six weeks on the disabled list as the Pirates try to turn their hot start into something more. Harrison will miss his second game Tuesday as the Pirates try to even their three-game series with the Colorado Rockies.

Harrison let some of that hurt out on Tuesday, as he spoke with the assembled Pittsburgh media for the first time since the injury. Harrison criticized catchers that call for high, inside pitches when they have pitchers that aren’t able to execute them and thanked Ivan Nova for having his back and plunking a Marlin in return.


Tim Williams wrote earlier today about the dramatic changes in Gerrit Cole and Charlie Morton since they’ve gone to Houston, and how the Astros’ approach differs from that of the Pirates.

Tim’s story is free, so share it with your friends and show them what they’re missing at Pirates Prospects.


Sean Rodriguez will get the start at second base in place of Harrison. Adam Frazier started on Tuesday and went 0-for-4. That, along with the fact that Colorado starter Chad Bettis has shown a reverse platoon split, so that prompted Hurdle to go with Rodriguez on Tuesday night.

Those two, along with Max Moroff, will get the bulk of the playing time at second while Harrison is out.




It’s cold and snowing. If I sound like a broken record, it’s for good reason. There’s been at least some snow every single day the Pirates have had a home game this season, according to KDKA meteorologist Ron Smiley.

Smiley says the snow will stop in time for first pitch, when it’ll be a chilling 38 degrees. The wind chill will be around 29 degrees, with the wind blowing out to center field at 13 MPH.

  • This is the offense I’m familiar with. That week of great offense was the outlier.

  • I don’t want to pile on serpico, about why on earth is he on a major league roster?

    • As a late inning defensive replacement he’s fine. Cannot start him though. Clint loves him.

  • Need to sit Bell. Pathetic effort tonight at the plate. No evidence of seeing the ball at all.

  • Bats have gone cold with the weather..