Three years ago today we made the official switch to being a subscription site. We announced the move during Spring Training, but waited a few weeks before going behind the paywall.

The transition had some challenges along the way, especially since the subscription model is still new. We’re still trying to figure out how to get our news and articles shared like they were when we were a free site (Quick summary: We still encourage you sharing our work and telling others why you subscribe, so long as you’re not giving the whole article away, or giving info on demand). There have also been hiccups along the way in terms of technology, to the point where sometimes it feels like writing is the fifth job I have on the site.

But the move was a great one for the sole reason that we didn’t previously come close to the amount of coverage we have now.

It’s not like we had a choice. We legitimately would have gone out of business about three years ago if we didn’t switch to the subscription model. The new model not only saved the site, but made it better by expanding content and coverage throughout the system.

I thank everyone who has been on board since day one of the change, and everyone who has joined us along the way. Here’s to another three years!

And if you haven’t joined us yet, but you’re excited about the hot start from the Pirates, then click here to join us today.

As a side note, a lot of you have renewals this week. If your subscription suddenly stopped working, it probably means that it didn’t auto-renew for some reason. To confirm that is the case, send me an email to

The Prospect Guide

We’ve still got a limited amount of paperback copies of the 2018 Prospect Guide remaining. You can order your copy on the products page.

You’ve seen the cover, featuring the top prospects in the upper levels, all surrounding Mitch Keller.

So far, only the people who have received the paperback copy have seen the back cover, which looks like this:

Those three are off to a pretty exciting start so far this year in West Virginia. I wonder how long it will be until one of them shows up on the front of the book?

Sponsorship Info

We’re looking to add some sponsors to the site this year. We’ve got two corporate level sponsorships available, along with a lot of smaller sponsorships for individual article features and team coverage. Email if you own a business and would like to partner alongside our coverage.

IMPORTANT: You will need to update your password after the switch to the new server in order to log in and comment. Go to the Password Reset Page to change your password.