WASHINGTON, D.C. — The Pirates made the unusual move on Friday of challenging back-to-back neighborhood plays at second base on Wednesday in the first inning of the game.

They got the first one overturned, but the second call stood, leaving manager Clint Hurdle without a challenge for the rest of the game.

He stood by the decision, feeling that the Pirates needed to push aggressively when they got an opportunity against Nationals pitcher Stephen Strasburg.

“You’ve got to push the envelope sometimes,” Hurdle said. “It’s very rarely you put the barrel to them and knock them out of the game. You’ve got to look for things you can make happen. We got one call.”

The Pirates missed out on the opportunity to challenge two other questionable calls later in the game. Hurdle feels that on the whole, the MLB replay systems works pretty well.

“I think everybody’s doing everything they can do make it the best product it can be as far as compliance with the rules,” he said.


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It’s looking gorgeous again, with a high forecast at 91 degrees by weather.com. The wind has shifted from Wednesday, blowing from right to left at 12 MPH.

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