Site Updates: Showing Appreciation For Teachers This Week

Today is National Teacher Appreciation Day, and this week is National Teacher Appreciation Week. We’ve done a lot of promotions for teachers in the past, in order to thank them for their extremely important work.

My girlfriend is a teacher. My mom was a teacher for years, and is now an administrator. I know all too well that the teaching position requires long hours, well beyond the hours of the school day. It requires teachers to spend a lot of their own money for supplies and lesson plans for their students. It’s often thankless for the amount of work that goes into it. It’s definitely not paid anywhere close to the work and responsibility that are taken on.

That’s why we’ve had programs in the past to show appreciation for teachers. And in honor of National Teacher Appreciation Day, and National Teacher Appreciation Week, we’re bringing those back.

First is the Pay It Forward program, where you can purchase a Pirates Prospects subscription for a random teacher. We will issue those subscriptions on a first-come first-served basis. The teacher subscriptions were always one of the most popular under that program, second only to student subscriptions, and usually were claimed in a day, with more demand than supply.

We haven’t had any Pay It Forward purchases in the last few months, and haven’t been pushing the program. But this would be a good week for you to show appreciation to teachers by purchasing a Pay It Forward subscription.

Note that the Pay It Forward plan is only if you are purchasing a subscription for a random teacher as an act of kindness. If you’re intending to purchase a gift subscription for a specific person, you should purchase a gift subscription.

We’re also bringing back our massive teacher discount. For the rest of the week, teachers can get a one-year subscription for just $19.99, which is the biggest discount we’ve ever offered. This discount can be for new subscribers, or as a one-year extension for existing subscribers. To get the discount, email me at with verification that you are a teacher.