One of the more interesting picks by the Pittsburgh Pirates on day three of the draft was Jack Herman, a high school outfielder from NJ taken in the 30th round. Here’s his player page. Herman told the local media that he will sign on June 18th and that the Pirates will pay for his college, which is standard for all high school players signed, and doesn’t count against the bonus pool.

As for other prep players, 22nd round pick Jason Brandow, has said that he is still deciding between signing and attending Cal State Fullerton.

Giovanni DiGiacomo (29th round) has said he will attend LSU.

Tyler Miller, a shortstop in the 23rd round hasn’t decided yet, but there is a very interesting note about him. He was an Alabama commit, but recently switched it to East Mississippi Community College. The commit to Alabama is usually tough to buy players away from, but a Community College obviously wouldn’t be (sorry, East Mississippi). The bonus demands likely won’t drop too much because he’s now eligible for the next two drafts, instead of waiting until 2021 at Alabama.

The early picks Gunnar Hoglund (36th overall) and Braxton Ashcraft (51st) already said they are signing in case you missed it. There were no rumors on Michael Burrows, the 11th round pick, but I’d say it’s safe to assume he will sign because teams have time after the tenth round to negotiate with 11th round players before they pick them. They want to make sure they are getting the best player, who also fits in their bonus pool.

This one isn’t a prep player, but I thought it was an interesting way to find out you’ve been drafted.

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