Minor Moves: Calvin Mitchell and Jin-De Jhang to the Disabled List; John Bormann to Altoona

The West Virginia Power made some roster moves on Sunday, including one that was delayed from earlier in the week.

Outfielder Calvin Mitchell was placed on the disabled list. He had some pain in the hip/lower back area after a strikeout earlier this week and left the game early. It’s nothing major and right now the feeling is that he shouldn’t miss more than a week, although he won’t be rushed back.

Fabricio Macias, who was supposed to join the Power earlier this week, ended up having a brief stop in Morgantown first for two days. He’s with the Power now. He didn’t technically take Mitchell’s spot, since they had a roster opening, but he will/should get his playing time. Macias had three hits on Friday night.

John Bormann was promoted to Altoona on Sunday after Jin-De Jhang got hurt. Jhang was hit by a bat as he moved to his right for a ball in the dirt that a lefty hitter swung at and missed, clipping Jhang on the side of the head.

The Power didn’t add a replacement catcher yet, but they have Jesse Medrano on the roster. He caught during the Fall Instructional League and some this spring. If they do add one, it could be from Bristol, because Morgantown only has two catchers. Jackson Williams is eligible to come off the DL from his phantom injury tomorrow. He went on the DL due to a roster space issue, but the injuries to Jhang and Cervelli would have both created spots for him if he were eligible to play.

From earlier today, Jerrick Suiter took the roster spot from Clay Holmes, where he was called up to the Pirates. Luckily, Suiter’s phantom injury cleared up the same day he was needed.




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