Pirates Sign Seven Players, Including Five Picks in the Top Ten Rounds

The Pittsburgh Pirates have signed eight round pick Zach Spears and 17th round pick Brad Case. There are more names on the way tonight, so check back for updates. I’ve linked each player to the Player Page for more information and will add new ones as they come up. The Draft Tracker is linked below. Bookmark it for future reference.

8th Rd, Zach Spears

17th Rd, Brad Case

Draft Tracker

Pirates added the final five names from today. We might get some bonus information later. Jim Callis and Jonathan Mayo have been on top of those all day. All are going to Morgantown except Case, who is going to the GCL.

4th Rd, Aaron Shortridge

6th Rd, Michael Flynn

7th Rd, Brett Kinneman

9th Rd, Logan Stoelke

12 Rd, Zac Susi

Kinneman signed for slot:

As did Spears

Aaron Shortridge offered up minimal savings.

Michael Flynn offered up some savings as well