Pay It Forward: Almost 150 Free Subscriptions Available For Students, Teachers, Police, and More

Last year we started a Pay It Forward program on the site. The idea of the program was that people could purchase discounted subscriptions that could be given to random students, as well as teachers, nurses, police officers, and people in other important professions to our society.

My fiancée is a teacher. My mom was a teacher for years. I know very well how demanding the job is. You go to work early in the morning, tasked with shaping the minds of the next generation for the next eight hours. You’re not paid nearly enough for the huge responsibility, and yet you’re also having to spend a lot of your own money on supplies for your students because you don’t receive nearly enough funding. When you get off work, you’ve got more work to do at night, doing lesson plans and grading assignments.

Yes, you get the summers off. But you’re so exhausted that by the time you start to relax and recover from the previous school year, the next one is only a few weeks away. And then it starts all over again.

Teachers play a huge role in society. Nurses play a huge role. Police officers, firefighters, rescue workers all play huge roles. We trust them to keep us safe, be the first people to respond when we’ve got an emergency, make our society run, and further the knowledge so the next generation can continue keeping us going. And yet those positions are all under paid for their work, and don’t receive nearly enough appreciation for the responsibility.

We started the Pay It Forward program to allow for people to show appreciation to people in these industries, and anyone else. We offered a big discount on our end, allowing you to purchase a discount subscription as a way of doing something nice for a complete stranger.

This past weekend, we said that we needed help. This site has been struggling, and in response, you guys stepped up big. We got a lot of new subscribers. You guys purchased gift subscriptions for your friends and family. And we got a lot of Pay It Forward subscriptions. As in, three times as many as we’ve had before.

We received 145 Pay It Forward subscriptions since Friday. Here are the breakdowns by profession:

Students – 46
Teachers – 28
Police – 14
Public Works – 10
Fire and Rescue – 7
Nurses – 4
Engineering Student – 1
Service Industry – 1
Extra – 34

These are available to be claimed on a first come, first serve basis. To claim a subscription, just email with the subscription you are trying to claim, and verification (ID card, staff directory, etc). We need the verification in order for you to qualify.

There are 34 extra subscriptions that will go to any category. We will use those as extras for any profession that sells out.

Priority for these subscriptions will go to new subscribers.

Please help spread the word about this, so that we can reach enough people to give all of the subscriptions away. If you know anyone who qualifies, let them know there is a subscription available. And if you receive a subscription, let everyone know that you’re now a subscriber at Pirates Prospects.

The Pay It Forward program is an ongoing program. If you’d like to purchase a subscription, you can do so here in order to help a random person in one of these professions, all while helping the site in the process.