Pirates Sign Four More Draft Picks, Including Sixth Round Pick Will Matthiessen

The Pittsburgh Pirates signed four more draft picks on Monday afternoon, making it 29 out of 42 picks signed already. Sixth round pick Will Matthiessen leads the group. He was a two-way player in college at Stanford. The Pirates announced him as a right fielder. Also signing today: 21st round pick Alex Roth, 34th rounder Dylan Shockley and 37th rounder CJ Dandeneau. Shockley is a catcher, while the other two are right-handed pitchers.

All four players are headed to Pirates City before joining teams. Matthiessen is going to Morgantown. Roth will head to Bristol, and the other two will stay at Pirate City in the GCL.

Here are the player pages with more information on each player:

Will Matthiessen/Article covering his selection

Alex Roth

Dylan Shockley

CJ Dandeneau

Jim Callis has the bonus info already, showing Mathiessen just under slot. That gives the Pirates $161,300 worth of savings on the draft picks they have signed with just fourth round pick JC Flowers and ninth round pick Ethan Paul left to sign before we know the final total. Both of those players are currently participating in the College World Series, which could wrap up as late as June 26th. Players usually sign about a week after their season ends, so depending on how far their teams go, we might not know the final total until early July.

Our draft tracker has been updated.