Final Draft Bonus Pool Numbers are in for the Pirates. Here’s What They Have Left

Jim Callis from MLB Pipeline posted the bonus amount for ninth round pick Ethan Paul, who signed yesterday. It was the last number from the top ten rounds that we were waiting for before finding how much the Pittsburgh Pirates had left in their bonus pool for over-slot packs after the tenth round. Seven players remain unsigned to this point. I’ve included their player pages below.

Paul receives $60,000, which is well below the slot amount for a ninth round pick. It adds $92,300 to the remaining pool that the Pirates can spend before they go 5% over their total pool. That total now stands at $170,800, which would be on top on the $125,000 slot amount for any picks after the tenth round. It means that the Pirates could give one player up to $295,800 without losing a pick, or split it up evenly at $210,400 each for two players. Our draft tracker has a full breakdown of those numbers.

So with those numbers in mind, here are the remaining unsigned players.

18th round: Will Simpson

23rd: Jasiah Dixon

30: Dawson McCarville

32: Jake Wright

35: Deion Walker

38: Christian Gordon

40: Elijah Dunham

UPDATE: I’ve heard from two sources that say Jake Wright, a sophomore out of Coastal Carolina, has decided to sign. No idea on bonus amount, but it’s almost certainly over-slot because he wouldn’t have had to wait for a deal for $125,000 or less.