Pirates Sign Four More Draft Picks, Including Fourth Round Pick J.C. Flowers

The Pittsburgh Pirates have been busy signing some draft picks today. So far, we know of fourth round pick J.C. Flowers, ninth round pick Ethan Paul and 20th round pick Jake Snider. All three players were participating in the College World Series. No official announcement yet, but we will post an update when they issue a press release. Marshall Gilbert (29th round) is also expected to sign, so he could be in this group today (UPDATED: Gilbert signed).

Jim Callis has the bonus info for Flowers and he received $40,000 over-slot. We will have updated numbers shortly, while we wait to see if Paul’s bonus comes out, which would give us the current over-slot situation and show us how much more the Pirates can spend on deals after the tenth round.

More to come…

Here are the player pages:

JC Flowers / His draft announcement article

Ethan Paul / draft announcement

Jake Snider

You can view the draft tracker now without Paul’s bonus known, but it will be updated once we get his numbers. Currently the Pirates only have $78,500 to spend on over-slot deals before the lose a draft pick (which they won’t do so that’s a hard cap number). Paul is a college senior, so expect him to be under his $152,300 slot. Last year, the Pirates gave two top ten round seniors $50,000 to sign.

I confirmed that Marshall Gilbert also signed. Here is his player page.

The Pirates have signed 35 of their 42 draft picks now, with 11 days until the signing deadline.

UPDATE: Pirates announced the signings and it’s just the group I had already, four in total. Flowers and Paul will head to Morgantown, while Snider and Gilbert go to Bristol. Just waiting on the Paul bonus number, so check back later to see if that shows up.