With our weekly updates for the 2020 draft order every Sunday, I figured now would be a good time to take a look at the 2019 draft picks and how they are performing. I broke them down into teams and put their draft spot, along with their age next to their name. I also included the three non-drafted free agents signed since the draft. All stats below are through last night’s action.


Quinn Priester, RHP (1st rd, 18 years old) – 3.21 ERA, 28.0 IP, 1.21 WHIP, .236 BAA, 34/9 SO/BB

Sammy Siani, OF (1st rd Comp, 18) – .235/.294/.370 in 30 games, 2 2B, 2 3B, 3 SB

Jase Bowen, OF/2B (11th, 18) – .238/.310/.347 in 27 games, 3 2B, 4 3B, 4 SB

Ryan Harbin, RHP (17th, 18) – 11.74 ERA, 7.2 IP, 2.22 WHIP, .313 BAA, 5/7 SO/BB

Andres Alvarez, INF (22nd, 22) – .232/.328/.286 in 32 games, 4 2B, 1 3B, 3 SB

Jasiah Dixon, OF (23rd, 17) – .317/.417/.415 in 12 games, 2 2B, 1 3B

Dylan Shockley, C (34th, 22) – .169/.264/.203 in 20 games, 2 2B

Deion Walker, OF (35th, 17) – .283/.327/.522 in 13 games, 2 2B, 3 3B, 1 HR

Jake Sweeney, LHP (36th, 19) – 4.38 ERA, 12.1 IP, 1.38 WHIP, .100 BAA, 9/13 SO/BB

Daniel Ross, RHP (39th, 23) – 3.86 ERA, 11.2 IP, 1.80 WHIP, .227 BAA, 13/11 SO/BB

Kaleb Foster, C (NDFA, 22) – .184/.382/.289 in 27 games, 5 2B, 1 HR, 15 BB

Orsen Josephina, RHP (NDFA, 23) – 5.19 ERA, 8.2 IP, 1.27 WHIP, .250 BAA, 10/2 SO/BB


Chase Murray, OF (13th, 21) – .243/.292/.324 in 29 games, 3 2B, 2 HR, 6 SB

Aaron Shackelford, SS (14th, 22) – .266/.332/.497 in 43 games, 14 2B, 1 3B, 8 HR

Eli Wilson, C (16th, 21) – .236/.340/.374 in 36 games, 5 2B, 4 HR

Jake Snider, OF (20th, 21) – .294/.419/.333 in 13 games, 1 3B, 10 BB

Alex Roth, RHP (21st, 21) – 4.20 ERA, 15.0 IP, 1.27 WHIP, .241 BAA, 18/5 SO/BB

Ethan Goforth, C (25th, 22) – .217/.277/.367 in 18 games, 3 2B, 2 HR

Ryan Troutman, RHP (26th, 22) – 5.21 ERA, 19.0 IP, 1.74 WHIP, .275 BAA, 20/11 SO/BB

Samson Abernathy, RHP (27th, 23) – 3.00 ERA, 21.0 IP, 1.00 WHIP, 1.53 BAA, 28/10 SO/BB

Marshall Gilbert, C (29th, 22 ) – .200/.250/.244 in 13 games, 1 3B, 3 BB

Josh Bissonette, 2B (31st, 22) – .265/.343/.364 in 40 games, 11 2B, 2 3B, 4 SB

Jake Wright, OF (32nd, 21) – .268/.409/.338 in 22 games, 5 2B, 11 BB, 4 SB

Ernny Ordonez, IF (33rd, 20) – .230/.308/.309 in 37 games, 8 2B, 1 HR, 14 BB, 2 SB

CJ Dandeneau, RHP (36th, 23) – Includes GCL stats: 3.12 ERA, 26.0 IP, 1.15 WHIP, .235 BAA, 30/6 SO/BB

Matt Eardensohn, RHP (NDFA, 23) -Includes GCL/FSL stats: 2.55 ERA, 24.2 IP, 1.18 WHIP, .277 BAA, 20/3 SO/BB


Matt Gorski, OF (2nd, 21) – .222/.288/.354 in 41 games, 8 2B, 2 3B, 3 HR, 11 SB

Jared Triolo, 3B/SS (2nd CB Round, 21) – .264/.338/.427 in 45 games, 17 2B, 3 3B, 2 HR

Matt Fraizer, OF (3rd, 21) – .220/.293/.275 in 31 games, 4 2B, 1 3B, 3 SB

JC Flowers, RHP (4th, 21) – 3.71 ERA, 17.0 IP, 1.65 WHIP, .292 BAA, 17/9 SO/BB

Grant Ford, RHP (5th, 21) – 3.14 ERA, 28.2 IP, 1.40 WHIP, .252 BAA, 30/13 SO/BB

Will Matthiessen, OF/1B (6th, 21) – .223/.329/.314 in 33 games, 3 2B, 1 3B, 2 HR, 2 SB

Blake Sabol, OF (7th, 21) – .248/.358/.357 in 43 games, 5 2B, 3 3B, 2 HR, 27 BB, 4 SB

Austin Roberts, RHP (8th, 21) – 3.41 ERA, 29.0 IP, 1.07 WHIP, .210 BAA, 30/9 SO/BB

Ethan Paul, SS, (9th, 22) – .224/.336/.318 in 28 games, 7 2B, 1 HR, 16 BB

Cameron Junker, RHP (10th, 21) – 1.74 ERA, 20.2 IP, 1.02 WHIP, .171 BAA, 34/9 SO/BB

Kyle Wilkie, C, (12th, 21) – .244/.329/.281 in 37 games, 5 2B, 16 BB

Garrett Leonard, RHP (15th, 22) – 3.86 ERA, 21.0 IP, 1.14 WHIP, .200 BAA, 17/9 SO/BB

Cory Wood, 2B, (19th, 22) – .234/.316/.329 in 41 games, 6 2B, 3 3B, 1 HR, 4 SB

Trey McGough, LHP (24th, 21) – Includes Bristol stats: 3.09 ERA, 23.1 IP, 1.24 WHIP, .222 BAA, 30/9 SO/BB

Bear Bellomy, RHP (28th, 22) – Includes Bristol stats: 1.95 ERA, 32.1 IP, 1.14 WHIP, .246 BAA, 33/8 SO/BB


Indianapolis has 16 games left. They trail by 10.5 games in the division and eight games in the wild card.

Altoona has 16 games left. They trail by 15.5 in the division. They can be eliminated as early as today, but they can’t officially be eliminated until the first half champions also get eliminated from the second half playoff run.

Bradenton has 14 games left. They trail by ten games in the division. They can be eliminated as early as Tuesday. I’ll note that MiLB has them eliminated already, but that’s an error. Their elimination number is four.

Greensboro has 16 games left. They trail by 5.5 in the division and they are 2.5 games back for the second best record, which could possibly get them a playoff spot.

Morgantown has 15 games left. They trail by one game in the division and a 1/2 game in the wild card spot.

Bristol has 11 games left. They trail by one in the division and they have a 1/2 game lead for the second playoff spot.

GCL Pirates have 14 games left. They trail by 14.5 in the division. They can be eliminated from the playoffs as early as tomorrow.

DSL Pirates1 have been eliminated from the playoffs.

DSL Pirates2 have clinched a playoff spot


Today’s Starter and Notes: The Pittsburgh Pirates lost 2-0 to the Chicago Cubs on Saturday afternoon. Tonight’s final game of the series will take place in Williamsport, PA. They will send out Mitch Keller for his fifth big league start. He gave up one run over five innings in his last start six days ago against the Los Angeles Angels. Prior to that, he was in the minors for seven weeks, where he currently sits as the International League leader in ERA and strikeouts, while ranking second in WHIP. The Cubs will counter with veteran lefty Jose Quintana, who has a 4.11 ERA in 135.2 innings, with 124 strikeouts and a 1.28 WHIP. In his last start, he allowed one run over six innings against the Philadelphia Phillies, striking out 14 batters in the game. Quintana tossed seven shutout innings, with 11 strikeouts, in an April start against the Pirates. He made back-to-back starts against them in early July and allowed three runs each time.

The two teams can add one player to the active roster for today’s game, with the one catch being that it has to be a position player. Jason Martin is the only available position player on the 40-man roster who isn’t in the majors right now, so he’s likely going to be the choice. Any other option would require designating another player for assignment and that would be odd to do for one extra bench player who is there for one day.

The minor league schedule includes the eighth Triple-A start for James Marvel. Since giving up five runs in his second start with Indianapolis, he has allowed a total of three runs in his last five starts combined. Greensboro’s Alex Manasa tossed six shutout innings in his last start. Over his last two outings combined, he has a 15:0 SO/BB ratio in 11 innings. Morgantown is sending out fifth round pick Grant Ford, who gave up a career high eight hits in his last start, allowing two runs over four innings. His previous high was four hits allowed.

Bradenton is sending out Gavin Wallace, who posted a 4.98 ERA in 34.1 innings during the first half of this season, followed by a 3.20 ERA in 59 innings during the second half. Bristol is sending out Dante Mendoza, who had his longest outing of the season in his last start, going 4.2 innings with two runs allowed. Altoona’s Sean Brady is trying to bounce back from his worst start with the Curve. He went 4.1 innings after getting through five innings in each of his first 17 starts. The 12 hits and eight runs are the most he has allowed with Altoona. The GCL Pirates and DSL Pirates1/2 are all off on Sundays.

MLB: Pittsburgh (51-71) vs Cubs (65-58) 7:10 PM
Probable starter: Mitch Keller (7.94 ERA, 19:8 SO/BB, 17.0 IP)

AAA: Indianapolis (60-64) vs Lehigh Valley (60-63) 1:35 PM (season preview)
Probable starter: James Marvel (1.82 ERA, 37:18 SO/BB, 39.2 IP)

AA: Altoona (61-63) vs Bowie (68-56) 6:00 PM  (season preview)
Probable starter: Sean Brady (4.17 ERA, 62:30 SO/BB, 110.0 IP)

High-A: Bradenton (67-57) @ Lakeland (56-65) 1:00 PM (season preview)
Probable starter: Gavin Wallace (3.86 ERA, 75:19 SO/BB, 93.1 IP)

Low-A: Greensboro (73-50) vs Augusta (66-57) 4:00 PM (season preview)
Probable starter: Alex Manasa (3.42 ERA, 108:24 SO/BB, 123.2 IP)

Short-Season A: Morgantown (33-27) vs Williamsport (25-36) 1:05 PM  (season preview)
Probable starter: Grant Ford (3.14 ERA, 30:13 SO/BB, 28.2 IP)

Rookie: Bristol (28-28) @ Bluefield (27-29) 5:30 PM (season preview)
Probable starter: Dante Mendoza (6.75 ERA, 34:23 SO/BB, 33.1 IP)

GCL: Pirates (14-28) vs Twins (26-16) 10:00 AM 8/19 DH (season preview)

DSL: Pirates1 (30-36) vs Red Sox2 (30-36) 10:30 AM 8/19 (season preview)

DSL: Pirates2 (51-15) vs Colorado (27-39) 10:30 AM 8/19 (season preview)


From Indianapolis on Friday night, Will Craig hits a two-run double, his 21st two-bagger of the season.

Jake Elmore hits his 30th double of the season, which is tops around the minor league system


8/17: Nick Mears promoted to Altoona. Cody Bolton placed on Altoona injured list. Ryan Valdes added to Bradenton.

8/17: Colin Selby placed on Greensboro injured list. Oliver Garcia promoted to Greensboro.

8/16: Pirates release Jake Brentz. Mitchell Tolman and Darnell Sweeney promoted to Indianapolis.

8/16: Adrian Valerio and Jesse Medrano promoted to Altoona. Chase Lambert and Raul Siri added to Bradenton roster.

8/16: Pirates recall Cole Tucker. Geoff Hartlieb optioned to Indianapolis.

8/15: Kevin Kramer placed on Indianapolis injured list.

8/14: Pirates sign Francis Olantilo.

8/14: Osvaldo Bido placed on Bradenton injured list.

8/14: John Bormann retired.

8/13: Pirates sign Isaias Dipre.

8/13: Nicholas Economos assigned to Bradenton.

8/13: Tom Koehler assigned to Altoona. Francisco Cervelli assigned to Indianapolis on rehab.

8/12: Pirates recall Mitch Keller. Richard Rodriguez placed on injured list.

8/11: Pirates release Tyler Lyons. Cody Ponce promoted to Indianapolis.

8/11: Clay Holmes activated from injured list. Parker Markel optioned to Indianapolis.

8/11: Francisco Cervelli assigned to Altoona on rehab.

8/11: Rookie Davis assigned to Indianapolis on rehab.

8/10: Mariano Dotel assigned to GCL Pirates on rehab.

8/9: Braeden Ogle activated from Bradenton injured list.

8/9: Pirates release Eduardo Vera. Cam Vieaux sent to Altoona.

8/9: Kyle Mottice activated from Greensboro injured list. Victor Ngoepe sent to Morgantown.

8/9: Tom Koehler assigned to Morgantown on rehab

8/8 Robbie Glendinning placed on Altoona injured list. Bralin Jackson activated from Altoona injured list.

8/8: Max Kranick placed on Bradenton injured list.

8/7: Pirates sign Luis Joseph.


Seven former Pittsburgh Pirates players born on this date, including the great Roberto Clemente. Five years ago in the Morning Report, I paid tribute to him on his 80th birthday. That article can be found here. Seven years ago, I posted an article relating to the day the Pirates took him in the Rule 5 draft and the reactions around baseball to the news. You can see that article here. Other players born on this date include another Hall of Famer.

Burleigh Grimes spent five seasons with the Pirates but it took three different stints with the team to amass those five seasons. He was at his peak with the team in 1928-29, when he won 42 games. The next year, he had very high salary demands and the Pirates shipped him away. He came back four years later to finish off his career with 270 wins, which got him elected to the Hall of Fame in 1964.

Mike Lavalliere, catcher from 1987 until 1993. Hit .278 in 609 games for the Pirates. Came over from the Cardinals as part of the Tony Pena trade.

Paul Popovich, middle infielder for the 1974-75 Pirates. Hit .211 in 84 games for Pittsburgh.

Roger Bowman, pitched for team in 1953 and 1955. Won 22 games in the minors in 1954 and 131 games total in minors, but he picked up just two Major League wins in five seasons.

Bernie Duffy, 1913 pitcher. Made two late-season starts and one relief appearance in his only Major League action. Won 15 games in a row in the minors prior to joining Pirates.

Wally Gerber, 1914-15 shortstop. Pittsburgh gave up on him to soon and he turned into a star player, getting into 1,500+ games in his career. Hit .207 in 73 games for Pirates.

The link at the beginning includes two trades of note on this date, including the 1989 swap of outfielders Billy Hatcher and Glenn Wilson.

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