Updated 2020 MLB Draft Order: Pirates Move Up One Spot Since Last Week

Each Sunday through the end of the season, we are going to take a look at the updated 2020 MLB draft standings. The Pittsburgh Pirates have 13 games left in the regular season, which ends two weeks from today on September 29th at home against the Cincinnati Reds.

Before we get into the updated standings, we start with a look at the standings from last Sunday morning:

  1. Tigers 42-99
  2. Orioles 46-96
  3. Marlins 50-91
  4. Royals 53-90
  5. Blue Jays 55-88
  6. Mariners 58-85
  7. Rockies 60-83
  8. White Sox 62-80
  9. Pirates 62-80
  10. Padres 65-76

As you can see, the Pirates were tied for eighth place with the White Sox, but Chicago holds the tiebreaker due to having a worse record during the 2018 season. So the Pirates technically had the ninth pick before they went 3-4 over the last seven days.

Now here are the updated standings:

  1. Tigers 44-103
  2. Orioles 48-100
  3. Marlins 52-96
  4. Royals 55-94
  5. Blue Jays 58-91
  6. Mariners 61-88
  7. Rockies 64-87
  8. Pirates 65-84
  9. White Sox 65-83
  10. Angels 67-82

The Pirates are back ahead of the White Sox going into Sunday, though it’s by a 1/2 game and that’s only due to the White Sox having a day off in the last week. The Angels have been in a freefall recently, dropping six in a row to move into a top ten pick. As the schedule winds down, it looks like the best the Pirates could do now is a sixth overall pick, but they are actually closer to the 11th pick than the sixth one. So a lot can change in these last two weeks.

There’s a huge difference in the bonus pool money for the sixth pick than the 11th pick. It’s not just picking higher in each round (with the first round being the most important obviously), it’s the fact that there is a difference in the bonus slots for all picks in the top ten rounds, which also makes the 5% teams can go over their bonus pool higher. As I’ve said numerous times in the comments, this isn’t rooting for your team to lose, it’s a silver lining to those losses.

The remaining schedule has one more with the Cubs today, followed by an off-day, then three at home against the Seattle Mariners. The Pirates then go to Milwaukee for three games, before returning home to face the Cubs and Reds in the last six games of the season.