Padres Showing Interest in Starling Marte

Jon Heyman is reporting that the San Diego Padres are now in on the Starling Marte sweepstakes. The star outfielder from the Pittsburgh Pirates is drawing attention for multiple teams, with talks between the Pirates and New York Mets taking center stage yesterday. In now appears that the Padres are a possible trade partner and they could match up better than the Mets.

The Pirates are interested in acquiring young controllable catchers. The Padres have 21-year-old Luis Campusano, who is a top 100 prospect in all of baseball. They also have Francisco Mejia, who has five years before free agency, as well as 23-year-old Luis Torrens, who could fill a backup role. He wouldn’t be the key piece in a trade, but the Padres have three catchers (including starter Austin Hedges), so they can either deal from depth or part with Campusano, who isn’t MLB ready at this point. Their 26th best prospect is catcher Blake Hunt, who is raw, but has high upside potential. There are options with the Padres that aren’t available with the Mets.