Baseball America posted their second mock draft on Wednesday afternoon. This one is a little bit different though. BA allowed a scout to help with the process, making some of the selections in the mock draft. Through that method, they have the Pittsburgh Pirates selecting Louisville left-handed starter Reid Detmers with the seventh overall pick.

The selection of Detmers here was made by the unnamed scout, who was tasked with making all of the odd-numbered selections in the first round. The BA staff made all of the even-numbered picks. Austin Hendrick, the West Allegheny HS star, went 12th overall in this mock draft.

This is the first mention of Detmers so far this year for the Pirates, though it’s obviously very early in the process. He started against Mississippi over the weekend and allowed one run over five innings, while striking out nine batters. Detmers gave up three hits and two walks.

Here’s a video of Detmers from over the past summer, which includes some scouting (velo/pitches):

Here’s a popular tweet from @pitchingninja showing his curve and fastball at the same time.

If you missed our Draft Preview over the weekend, here’s the link. We are going to start our Draft Prospect Watch on Saturday and I’m sure Detmers will be featured in one of the upcoming articles. He was recently ranked 11th by BA in this draft class, while Fangraphs has him rated 18th. Those two combined would make him a bit of a stretch with the seventh overall pick right now, but definitely in range of someone who could move up to that point in 3 1/2 months.

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