We heard on Saturday night that MLB was planning to present a proposal to the players union regarding the start of the 2020 season today. Tonight we hear that the two sides had talks today. Jon Heyman has a series of tweets about the discussion topics today.

The first tweet mentions that they discussed logistics, protocols and testing, but there was nothing yet regarding the pay for players.

Heyman also stated the obvious that adequate testing ability is a must.

Joel Sherman, who was among the sources first releasing details on Saturday about this meeting, notes that they got together for 2 1/2 hours and it was mostly about the safety of everyone involved.

This is the interesting tweet from today and it regards pay. MLB owners state that they would lose money if they had to pay a pro-rated salary to the players. Nothing was discussed today, but there have been rumors floating around the last few days of revenue sharing possibly being brought up.

The two sides are expected to meet again soon. I’m sure we will get details after each meeting until an agreement is reached.

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