Major League Baseball and the players talked today for about two hours as they continue to negotiate towards the start of the 2020 season. We heard over the weekend that there would be a proposal from MLB regarding revenue and pay for the players.

Jon Heyman had the first update from the meeting:

Heyman notes that MLB’s initial proposal contains an offer to pay players a percentage of their prorated salaries, with the more expensive players getting a smaller portion. There is word that the players making $1,000,000 or less will get nearly all of their prorated salary. No word on the high salaries and the percentage they might get according to this proposal. Since this was the initial offer, you would assume that the players will have a counteroffer, even though a large group of players would be in line to get their regular salary (prorated) under this proposal.

Heyman says he’s hearing that this offer is better than the discussed revenue sharing idea we were hearing about, “but there’s still a lot of work to do”.

Joel Sherman from the New York Post has some information that favors the players, saying that they will get a higher percentage of their salary if the postseason is played.

Evan Drellich and Ken Rosenthal said that they are hearing that the proposal is disappointing to the players association, despite many players getting full pay. I don’t think that’s completely unexpected, since this was the first proposal. Most negotiations don’t start with the best possible offer. I’m sure MLB expected a counteroffer, regardless of their initial proposal.

If more information is released, we will update this article.

Small Update:

Key wording here from Heyman just now about the sides wanting to deal and the date of Spring Training II: The Return of Spring Training

Not small update:

Jon Heyman has the actual figures for the pay scale, as you can see in these tweets:



That’s quite a drop at the end with $30M+, but obviously in only affects a select few and it’s just for the 2020 season.


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