Major League Baseball has presented a new proposal to players, one that was a major increase over the previous proposal. Karl Ravech was first with the details of the proposal.

There are also no sliding scale pay cuts like the initial offer had, where the richer players got a smaller portion of their earnings.

Despite the fact that the owners/MLB made a significant move towards the demands of the players, Jon Heyman is saying that the player/agent reactions range from “small step” to “trash”.

Those reactions are disappointing to hear because it’s neither a small step nor something that would qualify as a “trash” offer. That offer is an increase of $200 M more total to the players over the previous offer, plus it addresses the concerns of the season going too late, which owners feel it is necessary to avoid a possible second wave of the coronavirus as the weather gets colder. It could also help free agents this winter who would normally have draft picks tied to their signing.

Heyman said that he still expects a season to start despite those negative reactions to the new proposal. I would think so too, because they are significant steps towards an agreement, regardless of the reactions. If anything else comes up today, we will post an update here.

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