Marc and Jack: Jack Suwinski Has Found His Swing, Uh Oh!

When COVID hit in 2020, there were a ton of terrible things that ensued; things were canceled, death was on the minds of everyone, and isolation to the max. 2020 was also a time of growth, especially for guys like Jack Suwinski. Recently a connection was made with Marc Mantucca, one of the head instructors and founder of RYP Hitting, a place Suwinski trains out of.

Back in early December, I wanted to see what was behind these great videos that were sent my way on Suwinski and wanted to find out exactly what was done to make his swing look so “snappy,” as Suwinski put it.

“[Suwinski] was working on attacking the inside part of the baseball and having a more simple and direct path. If his path isn’t clean, [Suwinski] will roll over. We have also been trying to limit some spin that can sometimes happen. We want the barrel to do the work as opposed to muscling up,” said Mantucca on the drill video above.

Suwinski made strides during the pandemic year. In 2019, after a down year and just not feeling himself, Suwinski went to see Mantucca. They worked for 16-18 months straight with trial and error and seeing what would work and what wouldn’t.

“The meat and potatoes of what we accomplished in 2020 with [Suwinski’s] swing was cleaning pre-pitch movements and eliminating variables. Basically be more consistent and trust the move,” said Mantucca.

When Suwinski spoke on The Murphanko Experience, he mentioned that there is something that he is changing to his game that is very tiny but could pay huge dividends in the end.

“There’s a slight motion in my load that gets away from me sometimes, and it’s right at my bat tip,” Suwinski mentioned on his newfound movement. “[Marc] would take screenshots, and he would notice that when things were going well, my bat tip would be tighter, and when they weren’t, my tip was looser. So I went from a barrel-only move to a much more connected movement from the tip, my hands, my scap load, and the hinge in my hips.”

Suwinski also divulged that he is focusing on so many different aspects of hitting to maintain an environment of learning and to get rid of any sort of level of complacency. Suwinski just wants to play in 2022, and with his new snappy swing, he could catapult up some rankings, and potentially find himself in Pittsburgh soon.


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Marc and Jack: Jack Suwinski Has Found His Swing, Uh Oh!

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