Top 100 Prospects List for Fangraphs Has Four Pirates

Fangraphs released their updated top prospects list on Wednesday morning and the Pittsburgh Pirates had four players in their top 100. That’s the lowest number so far, but their list isn’t much different from anyone else, as you will see in the summary below.

Oneil Cruz rates at the top of their list for the Pirates and he’s near the top of their entire list as well, coming in as the eighth best prospect. This is his highest ranking from any source.

Fangraphs is also very high on Henry Davis, ranking him 22nd overall. This is a peak time for catching prospect, as he ranks fifth on that position list, despite the high overall ranking.

Roansy Contreras also ranks very high for Fangraphs, getting placed 41st overall on their list as the top pitcher in the system. This is his highest ranking from any source.

After rating three prospects high, their rankings differ a little from most of the rest for the other top Pirates. Liover Peguero is the last Pirates prospect in the top 100 ranking, coming in 90th overall.

As I mentioned, just four in the top 100 is the lowest we have seen so far, with most sources having six Pirates. However, I also mentioned that they don’t differ much. That’s because their list stretches out to 114 spots, and right in the 101-105 spots you will find  Quinn Priester (#102) and Nick Gonzales (#105).

Once MLB Pipeline releases their list, we will have a bigger article looking at comparisons with every list from top sources, as well averaging out the rankings to get one list from all of the opinions, which is my preference over individual lists.

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