2022 Dominican Summer League Schedule Released

The 2022 Dominican Summer League schedule has been released. The Pittsburgh Pirates will once again have two squads (Black & Gold) and the two teams will play each other during the season.

The league schedule is once again smaller than in the past when they played 72 games before 2020. Opening Day is Monday June 6th. The season wraps up on August 23rd, giving you 79 days for the league, which does not play on Sundays, and has some other off-days for each team peppered in. The clubs will play 60 games each, and the two Pirates teams will face each other six times.

The Florida Complex League schedule isn’t out yet, but it might be interesting to note that the Arizona Complex League, which is basically the same league for the teams out west, has the same June 6 – August 23 schedule as the Dominican Summer League.  The FCL has a June 6th Opening Day listed, so my guess is that they will be the same schedule, but possibly a 55-game schedule instead of 60 games.

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Wilbur Miller

A 55 or 60 game GCL schedule is concerning, although hardly surprising. Unless some guys get moved up to BRD (which they might as well, because nearly everybody there is struggling), there are going to be a bunch of supposedly high-ceiling prospects in the GCL, but they’re not going to get all that much experience. I realize they’re playing exhibitions and doing developmental stuff at Pirate City, but so far there’s no evidence to support the FO’s apparent belief that they can develop prospects just as well outside of real game situations as in them. Of course, there’s no evidence so far to show that this FO can develop anything at all, but at least in an uncontrolled game situation the players might accidentally learn something.


Hey John .. Do you have any information on the leagues in Panama. I will be there in June with some free time on my hands.

Bucs'N'Pucks (Jeff Reed)

How many games will be rained out and never made up this year will be the real question…


I reached out to Thornton Melon—-He said the answer was….4?

Bucs'N'Pucks (Jeff Reed)

4? FOUR?!



 😂  😂  😂 

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