Henry Davis Has Been a Baseball Magnet

It was a very exciting time when Henry Davis got promoted from Greensboro to Altoona last week. Not only was it much deserved, but it was also a sign that at least something is progressing in the right direction.

The first overall pick in 2021 was tearing the cover off the ball in High-A, a level you could have made a strong argument he could pass over all together heading into the season.

He immediately validated the hype after hitting a home run in his first game in Altoona, but things turned south with Davis not playing since last Thursday. Davis has been dealing with a bone bruise in his wrist, which at first it would have made sense that it was from one of the times he was hit by pitches.

Looking back at the games, it doesn’t look like that was the case. In the video below it shows both times Davis was hit by a pitch while with Altoona. Neither were around the wrist area that could have resulted in the injury.

That being said, when Davis does return, doing so with a different mindset after this injury scare may not be the worst thing.

Combined with his time in Greensboro, Davis has been hit by a pitch 11 times this season in 108 plate appearances. That’s 66 times over a span of 650-plate appearance. To put that into perspective, his 11 HBP already would have put him in a tie for 26th in the majors last year, over the entire season.

This isn’t the first injury Davis has dealt with already in his short professional season, as his 2021 season was ended early with an oblique injury after just eight games.

The catcher position is exhausting enough as it is, the last thing Davis needs to do is make things any tougher by putting his body at risk for further injury.

Whenever he does return, whether it’s a step back in the batter’s box (a great idea brought up on Twitter) or just a bigger focus on getting out of the way, Davis needs to be able to stay on the field.

While the getting on base at all cost blended in with the no batting gloves gives a nice throwback feel, Davis is more valuable on the field, building chemistry with the pitchers and continue hitting the way that earned him a 179 wRC+ in 100 plate appearance with Greensboro.

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On the two HBP in the video, the poor catcher on the second one….Davis looked like he was trying to deflect a puck into the net with that one. Poor catcher definitely got the worst of that pitch.


I think Jason Kendall would have a few words of advise. I’ll defer to him.


Can’t say I agree with the conclusion put forth by the author of this article. Neither injury Davis has suffered as a Professional has been related to a HBP, and he has shown his approach has been wildly successful. So the last thing I would suggest is to change what’s working. Maybe the compromise position of protecting his hands/wrists/elbows with padding is the right way for him to protect himself from a future HBP injury.


Pirates need to sign a goon to charge the mound everytime Davis gets hit


This isn’t hockey. Nonetheless, a good idea.


Any indication of how long till he is back?

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