P2Daily: Site Maintenance and Writing Changes

In my office, a white board displays the topic of the next seven article drops on the site.

If you’re unfamiliar, we release a new batch of articles every Tuesday. These are intended to be the best articles of the week from us, created from our hours of watching and breaking down the games, along with interviews with the players and coaches, and any other bits of information we can find.

This week, the article drop was on Altoona, and you can check out those links below. We’ll be focusing on Greensboro and Bradenton over the next two weeks.

With the next seven article drops planned out, it makes my job a bit easier.


On my phone, a notes file has a to-do list for site upgrades.

Every Tuesday and Wednesday, while recovering from my Monday writing day, I work on a section of the site. Last week the most notable change was the new comment section.

By my estimates, that “make one big change a week” pace could have the site where I want it by the end of this month, and definitely will have it there by the end of next month.


On my laptop, there are two books waiting to be finalized.

The 2022 Prospect Guide and John Dreker’s book on the 1890 Pittsburgh Alleghenys. The Guide is getting a much different look this year, working more in tandem with the site. John’s book will be sent to print with the Guide.

Unfortunately, between producing the site, updating the site, and all of my writing and reporting for the site, I haven’t had a lot of time to really pour into this and finalize it.


For the next few weeks, Anthony Murphy is going to be stepping up in my place as the lead writer on the site.

If you ask me, no one knows this system right now better than Anthony. His articles on the site have been fantastic updates, and talking to him behind the scenes, there are so many observations he’s made that would be great additions to the overall discussion about this system. I’m really looking forward to seeing Anthony unleashed over the next few weeks.

This will allow me to finalize the books, finalize the site updates, and finalize getting the site on a regular daily publishing schedule.

On the latter note, we’ve been doing the Tuesday article drops for about five months now. We’ve just started adding daily features, and soon will have a specific feature each day, along with any additional news or player features we may have. That will start after the above projects are finished. All I can say on this is that I’m really looking forward to Monday’s feature each week. The first article of the week is almost like the first pitch of the game, in a way.

My goal will be to finalize the books in the next two weeks, and to have everything with the site finalized — including all of the regular weekly features established — by the end of June.

As for writing, I’ll be scaling back, but won’t be going anywhere. After all, I’ve got the next seven weeks of premium article topics already planned out. That said, I’m really looking forward to giving Anthony the spotlight during this time period, and I hope you guys will give him a lot of support!

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With His Bat on Fire, Liover Peguero Looks to Fix Throwing Issues

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Anthony szn

John Fluharty

Looking forward to more from Murph!



Bucs'N'Pucks (Jeff Reed)

Anthony Murphy


Thanks for the update Tim👍👍… Anthony please have the daily P2 Daily articles up by 4am EST for us in SE ASIA and early riser Scott K in the states🤷‍♂️🤣🤣…. just kidding, implied with help by smiles faces, look forward to your work Anthony!

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Wilbur Miller

Obviously, we need an Asian Edition.





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