Pirates Recall Tucupita Marcano

The Pittsburgh Pirates announced prior to Friday’s game in San Diego that Tucupita Marcano has been recalled from Altoona, taking the 26-man roster place of Yoshi Tsutsugo, who was placed on the injured list yesterday.

Marcano has mostly played middle infield in the past, but this season he is spending a large majority of his time in left field. Of his 29 starts in Altoona this year, 22 have been in left field, four at second base and three at third base. Before this season, he had 21 starts in left field in his pro career.  Marcano had a .730 OPS in 13 games in April, then joined the Pirates very briefly at the end of the month, going 1-for-2 in his only game. He’s been doing much better in May, hitting .364/.438/.618 in 17 games.




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Tupac is back!


Spoiler Alert: Tonight’s defense, Castro – 3B, Castillo- SS, Van Meter – 2B, Chavis – 1B, Jack – LF, Reynolds – CF, Mitchell – RF, Gamel – DH. Didn’t KeBryan have some issue…..getting a day off after a day off isn’t great news.

John Fluharty

Hopefully just giving him a couple days off. I know I enjoy my two days off in a row, and I get that luxury every week.


And three this weekend! Going to be good.


Indeed good for him, but where is he going to play every day, I mean that’s why he was brought up to play every day…wasn’t he??

Should he play ahead of Chavis or Castillo…?

b mcferren

follow your nose


Can’t imagine he’ll see much time in the outfield here with Suwinski and Mitchell now up. I’m assuming 2nd? With Chavis getting the bulk of the time at 1st.


I think he might see time at DH.


I agree this might be the end of Chavis at second base. Hopefully he becomes a fixture at first for the time being. Tucu is still very young but his time in AA says he has a chance to stake a position at second base or shortstop. If he and Swing-ski can stay on the roster this makes last year‘s Frazier trade look a lot better.


I’m actually a fan of having Chavis at first. Not your traditional first baseman, but he can definitely pick it.

Never really understood the hate directed towards Marcano. I think he’s essentially a younger, more athletic version of Frazier. Considering Frazier has been pretty average since the trade, the trade would turn out to be a pretty clear victory in the Pirate’s favor if Marcano and Suwinski become average regulars in the majors.


Chavis is just too small of a target there at first base. Yes, he has a decent glove. But how many 5’9″ first basemen do you see in MLB let alone anywhere in professional ball?
BC has missed badly on properly filling the position. Chavis is ok I guess, if we’re not competing anyway this year. We need his bat in the lineup.


I understand your point and don’t necessarily disagree, but a major league infielder should be able to hit a target of his size. I understand he’s not going to save a horribly overthrown ball from sailing into the seats, but I’d be willing to argue he provides more value at 1st at his size than someone over 6 foot who is a statue with zero athleticism.


You’re referring to Moran! And I agree.


Do not think he is planned to stay up; hope he forces the hand of the Pirates.
Good luck, young man.


Last time up in April Shelton put him in as a ph during blowout as Milwaukee was leading 10-4 6th inning left him and he went 1 for 2 with a double and was never seen again. This time he will be up longer so it’ll will be interesting to see what Shelton does with him. Shelton will probably bring Castillo out of the Oviedo Memorial Closet to make room for him because he can’t take bats away from the 27 year old phenom and “nerd hitter” VanMeter.


I am really not going to sweat any at bats that Castillo, Castro or Van meter get or don’t get. They are all pretty much sucking equally. All I care is that while he is here, Tucu gets as many at bats as possible to see what is there. Dying to see tonight‘s lineup.

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