Roansy Contreras’ windup change has shown results

INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. – Prior to being traded to the Pirates, Roansy Contreras had solid numbers, but just lacked a bit of the domination factor.

Following the trade, Contreras was a different pitcher. His K/9 rates nearly doubled between Double-A, Triple-A and the big leagues, without increasing his walk numbers. Simply put, the Pirates found a hidden gem in the Jameson Taillon deal.

Between 2019 and last season, Contreras simplified his delivery. However, this season, he took it even a step further. It is drastically more simplified this season to almost a stretch delivery with a slight step back with his front foot. Below are am example of the change, the first in 2019 and the latter in his last start.

For Contreras, the change is about simplification and maintaining his consistent delivery.

“I changed the windup because it lets me feel most comfortable,” Contreras said. “My mechanics are smaller and easier. It allows me to feel the most comfortable when I throw.”

With this change, Contreras has continued his momentum from 2021, both in the Pirates bullpen to start the season and to being stretched out to start in Indianapolis.

“Everything feels really good,” Contreras said. “ I have been working really hard on what they have been telling me. The results that I am getting are great. I am happy, but there is also more in there.”

With that confidence and results, Contreras has showcased what has him primed to be a front end starter in the big leagues.

“Roansy Day” has been a social media play that fans have looked forward to recently. It is also a day that Indianapolis manager Miguel Perez is excited about every fifth day.

”We can talk about [Contreras] all day,” Perez said. “He is a guy who I’m excited to watch on the mound. He is just a hard worker and a great, great kid. He is a clubhouse guy and a great teammate. He is also a guy who has a chance to be special in the game. I am happy and very fortunate to be part of his development and I’m really looking forward to seeing him have success in this game.”

In just three starts with Indianapolis, Contreras has allowed just five hits in 10.1 innings, while striking out 16. Most important, his last start on Saturday featured four innings and 76 pitches.

The only thing holding him back from the big leagues is the pitch count, and soon that will no longer be a factor.


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Roansy Contreras’ windup change has shown results

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