Updated Top 100 Prospects List from MLB Pipeline

MLB Pipeline did a small update to their top 100 list, with most players staying the same or moving 1-2 spots. However, one Pittsburgh Pirates prospect got a boost in his rankings and changed the top of the Pirates system a bit.

The Pirates had six players on the previous top 100 list for Pipeline and that remains the same. Nick Gonzales is still their top prospect in the system, holding strong at the 18th spot. He was originally 20th, but moved up two spots when other players graduated from the list. Henry Davis goes from 24th on the preseason list, up to 20th on this list. Oneil Cruz made the same jump of four spots as Davis, though their movement was also influenced by graduating players. Quinn Priester moved down a spot, yet he is still three spots higher than his preseason rank. He went from 54 to start, up to the 51st spot.

Here’s where the movement comes with the list. Liover Peguero was 79th in the preseason, and he moved to 75th with players graduating from the list before today. With their update today, he is now the 62nd ranked prospect in baseball, leaping him over Roansy Contreras for the fifth spot in the system. Contreras actually stayed the same on this list, though he is still four spots higher than the preseason list. He’s now in the 67th spot, giving the Pirates six prospects in the top 67, which sounds a little better than the top 100.

Here’s the clean look at the top 100:

18 Nick Gonzales

20 Henry Davis

22 Oneil Cruz

51 Quinn Priester

62 Liover Peguero

67 Roansy Contreras




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I can’t wait to watch liover in Pittsburgh, He is going to be a superstar. I have been saying for years now that liover is the pirates shortstop as early as 2023 so they should find a different position for o Neil ASAP.

It’s great that liover is starting to get the attention that he deserves. Hopefully it doesn’t go to his head and he stays on the fast track to Pittsburgh. The day he gets called up is the day the pirates will start to win.

Rob Baran

Seeing a lot of posts on here from people that seem to believe prospect development is a linear game.

Seem to believe tools don’t matter, only performance. I think that’s quite short-sighted.


After watching the Curve play Saturday and Sunday against Richmond, I agree with Redwards. Peguero is ranked too low, the kid is electric. Gonzales right now looks mixed up at the plate, pressing and inconsistent. I hope he turns it around, but no way does he look like our top prospect. Here’s a fast riser in the system…..Louis Ortiz, a right hander who looked dominant Saturday through four.


i cant believe they only think there are 17 prospects better than Nick G.

Just to prove i’m not just being blindly anti-Pirates…. i also can’t believe they think there are 66 prospects better than Roansy C.


It’s the bat speed… With hands as fast as Nick G’s, he’s going to be given the benefit of the doubt


There’s something wrong with his approach or mindset right now, because his line drive rate is way off what it should be.




I’d like to see it down to two or three by this time next year with one of them being whomever they draft in the #4 spot in a couple of months. Not because of anyone dropping out but due to graduations to Pittsburgh. That is the whole idea, or at least I hope it is.


I am very surprised Gonzalez ranks that high…other than being a high first round pick, what is the justification? Peguero is underrated, Gonzalez overrated in my opinion. Cruz is stuck in Indy, having a terrible start. Contreras looks like he will finally get this shot in the rotation in Pittsburgh, after the Pirates exhausted all other possibilities. Priester is hurt and hasn’t pitched. April and May have not been kind to the majority of the Pirates system – too many players off to poor or mediocre starts and the teams performances reflect that.


The justification is a .950 OPS last year in A+, and a 1.032 OPS in the AZFL last year, which included a .380 Avg. that led the AZFL last year.


Inflated by playing in Greensboro


That must have been the result of good luck since Yinzers are certain that his slow starts reveal his actual talent.


John Fluharty

Was hoping we’d have another guy sneak on to the bottom of the list.

Bucs'N'Pucks (Jeff Reed)

I’m expecting Burrows to be added in next couple weeks when a few more players graduate.


Who would be deserving of that, based on first 2 months of the season? Gorski? Sabol? Burrows? Can’t think of anyone else….

John Fluharty

Didn’t put that much thought into it LOL


Carl? I mean he’s raking at the highest level.


Burrows and Rodriguez. Rodriguez should have been there going into the season, and after a brief struggle adjusting to A+ he seems to be back to doing what he did last year (I had been concerned about a drop in his plate discipline in April–25 K’s vs. only 3 BB’s but in May he’s had only 7 K’s vs. 7 BB’s).

Tim Williams

You’ll definitely want to read my article tomorrow.


I like Rodriguez, and find him intriguing, but at this point I cannot say he belongs in the top 100 prospect in all of baseball.


Obviously scouting is involved but it’s still odd that Peguero would have that kind of jump without dropping Cruz (especially since the Pirates want to move him off of SS) and Gonzales.

Speaking of which, I don’t know other teams’ prospects that well but I’d rank Gonzales 6th out of the above group (and would have him below Rodriguez and Burrows too).


No one is going to drop someone that far after 2 bad months. He hit well last year and in the AFL, so no way they would drop him that much based on less than 2 months. I am a little surprised that Davis did not move above him, but that is all I would have expected.


That’s true, but I never agreed with them that he was our top prospect in the first place. Too much swing-and-miss against top competition. So I should have made clear that for me he would have ranked 6th going into the season, so his struggles just reinforce that.

John Fluharty

His ranking may have included an assumed move off the position fairly early.


It was pretty much assumed by most, he would move off ss to 2b when he was drafted. I think he has been ranked that way ever since.


I think the previous post was about Cruz–i.e., he wasn’t dropped due to the apparent move down the defensive spectrum because the rankings already had factored that likelihood in.


I did not think that was the case, as Cruz has not really moved. I thought he was referring to Gonzales.

Even though Cruz is playing some OF, he is still playing primarily ss. I do think Cruz will someday move off ss, but do not know how much of a factor that is now in his rankings, because he is primarily a ss now. I can see him staying at ss, getting a little time in the OF, until they have to move him when Peguero is ready. Peguero could get injured and they could keep him at ss until his errors do or don’t force a change. I doubt they are factoring that in much at this point.

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