Pirates DVR: Oneil Cruz, Dariel Lopez, Josh Bissonette

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Oneil Cruz

With one of the easiest swings in baseball, it seems like Oneil Cruz just flicks his wrist and can put it into deep left center, which is what he did on Saturday.

Cruz hit a bases clearing triple in Indianapolis’ big win on Saturday against Columbus. It was his third triple of the season, and he is now up to 33 RBI.

Dariel Lopez

Lopez has struggled this year, owning just a .214 average, and striking out 31.3% of the time. He has been able to showcase some of that power he displayed in Bradenton, however, and with Matt Gorski in Altoona Lopez leads the Grasshoppers in home runs.

Josh Bissonette

While he doesn’t do much offensively (.241/.380/.259), he certainly makes it up with the glove. Bissonette flashes that a bit here playing third base for the Indians.

Aaron Shackelford

He’s another regular on here, as Aaron Shackelford had himself quite the game on Saturday. Shackelford went 2-for-4 with not only his ninth home run of the season, but also his first triple.

The triple scored a pair of runners, pushing Altoona’s lead out even further.

Andres Alvarez

Alvarez continues to destroy the ball, especially when he leads of an inning, owning a 1.372 OPS in those situations. He hit his 10th home run of the season leading off the eighth inning.

Liover Peguero

Nothing like a three-hit night to snap Peguero out the slump he’s been in, which also included his fifth home run of the season.


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Boy do I enjoy seeing these kids hit line drives! Maybe more than homers…


It seems that Cruz is starting to hit. Should he or Peguero be the next SS?


Who knows and at this point who cares? People act like it’s a problem having two players who could be the guy at short. It’s impossible to have too many good players. Let them play at the highest level and let us find out because until that happens there’s no way to really know.


Peguero is not a small person. Him hitting a ball hard is no accident.


Today was the first time I realized this. That was my thought too


Hard to be excited abt this article without any highlights from our #1 prospect, per tedwins.com, Ji-hwan Bae🤣🤣… No thats not a real site and YES this is a great video article of deserving players and tip of the cap on the defensive play inclusion, Anthony. Great stuff.👏👏👍👍

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