What Leads Oneil Cruz to the Easy Power Numbers He’s Shown Lately?

INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. – Over the past few weeks, we have seen Oneil Cruz appear to barely swing at a ball on several occasions, only for that ball to end up over the fence.

Clearly, this is what has the baseball world salivating over the 6-foot-7 power hitter. Below is exhibit A of that effortless power.

Indianapolis hitting coach Eric Munson gets a chance to see Cruz every day. Munson said that increased effort level is actually at times detrimental to Cruz’s hacks. When Cruz trusts his effort on his swings is when we see a stretch like this.

“With [Cruz], he has so much leverage when he swings,” Munson said. “He gets himself in good positions and makes really good moves. With him, it’s a lot about effort level. When he’s smooth and easy, it’s really good. He just has to monitor that, and try not to over swing. You see the results. When he’s doing that, it comes off hot.”

Cruz has eight home runs and an OPS hovering around .900 in his last 28 games, after an ice-cold start to the season.

Munson feels there has not been much that has changed with Cruz’s swing. He remains ultimately impressed with the slugger’s mechanics.

“He has really good feel with the bat,” Munson said. “He has good feel with his body. He understands how his body moves. We just really try to keep it simple with him and give him really easy things to think about. There’s really not a lot of the mechanics that you want to mess with, because he makes really good moves. Really, it’s just about approach and letting him be himself.”

Much like Cruz checking his watch around second after a homer, the clock seems to be ticking until he arrives in Pittsburgh.

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Is super-2 still a thing? I think the date for that is usually early June. Maybe his defense will mysteriously be ready right around that time and they’ll call him up.


supposedly super two will be past in a few days


My sense is that’s not what’s going on. I could be wrong.


Apropos of nothing, I have been enjoying A History of Baseball in 100 Objects. A great book for baseball fans.


I got it as a Christmas gift. You might suggest that to a loved one. I bet you are hard to buy for. I didn’t write it, nor do I own stock in the publisher (unless through a mutual fund).

BTW, did you know that the Bucs were the first to adopt light-weight, durable, hideous double-knit unis and the last to wear flat-topped hats? 79, baby.


I love those flat-top hats. 😀


Dropping the hats.


he swings free and easy but he centers the ball on the barrel and there it goes.


Probably centers it less often when he overswings.


I think there’s a Sam Snead quote to that effect, but I am a terrible golfer.


Keep expecting to read he’s being promoted every day, and every day I’m wrong. If I had been playing SS last week instead of Castillo, Pirates might’ve won 1 or 2 games last week.



If we had won 1 or 2 games last week with you at ss, imagine what we could have done with Cruz at ss.


Dont worry we got CSN and park today!


No wine (or prospect) before its time. Impatience is a well-known cognitive bias.


Of course that was a Gallo ad. Its time was whenever the tanker truck arrived. I’m hoping for a higher standard.


I can handle chutzpah, if his attitude is not a cancer in the clubhouse. Do him team mates like him (or just what he does to a baseball?)


Great question

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