Williams: The Major League Baseball Mindset

Doctor Strange isn't the best super hero.

I'm not talking about the quality of the movies. I can think of maybe six better movies to enjoy with a deep indica. I'm talking about the tendencies of the character, especially in the MCU. Since the first movie, Doctor Strange has shown two alarming trends.

The first trend is that he always has to hold the scalpel. This is explicitly stated and shown many times, whether in actual surgery, or when saving the world. Doctor Strange is adamant to show everyone that only he can save everyone, and doesn't need any help.

The second trend?

Doctor Strange doesn't believe in himself.

ST. PETERSBURG - Baseball players aren't super heroes.

If they have heightened abilities, it's because they have trained their bodies through time and a prov...



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These guys deserve an effort to win next year. They deserve to be supplemented with some firepower. They deserve additional good veterans who have “been there”.

I’ve done the math, and assuming they don’t pick up Stratton and Newman, and that they do pick up Vogelbach, and the handful of guys entering ARB1 get something like a 5 million dollar raise, that puts payroll somewhere in the neighborhood of 45 million. Maybe 50 if you factor in an entire 40 man roster vs 26. Obviously Ethan could give a better estimate than me, but i’d imagine i’m within reasonable error bars.

This is a team that spent around 110 in the mid 2010s. Not to mention, 110 in 2015 is worth more like 135 in 2022 dollars due to inflation.

Just imagine what they could do with that 65 million. Just imagine how excited people would be if they went on a 65 million dollar bender this offseason. Nutting would be viewed as a changed man, when meanwhile all he’d be doing is getting payroll back to a still-pathetic level. Imagine the kind of experience and ability they could bring into that clubhouse to help these guys win.

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You may like different players or think my contracts are off on my specific players, but my point is not really about the *specifics*. It’s about the idea of adding real players to this team. Theoretical offseason:

Jamo – 3 yr 55 mil… 18 per yr
Jose Abreu – 3 yr 55 mil… 18 per yr
Vet Catcher like Roberto Perez – 3 per yr
Vet pitcher similar to Q and Ty Anderson signings – 3 per yr
Michael Brantley – 2 yr 30 mil… 15 per yr
Deal some excess prospects for someone like Luis Castillo, who will make something like 10 mil. Gotta think something like Mitchell or Gonzalez for 1 yr of castillo isnt terribly far off.

That kind of offseason would put spending right in line with the mid 2010s and there’d still be prospect cavalry on the way.

Or hell, just hand Aaron Judge 2 yr * 125 mil and dare him to not take it.

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Rotation with Jamo, Roansy, Castillo, Brubaker, and Quintana type, with Keller around too. Burrows Priester Yajure as AAA depth.

LF Brantley, CF Reynolds, RF Suwi/Swagg.
3b Hayes,SS Cruz, 2b BaePriesterCastilloParkMarcanoPeguero, 1b Abreu, DH Vogey
C Perez + lg min guy until it becomes Davis+perez.

By June youre running out

Brantley Reynolds Abreu Cruz Vogey Suwinski Davis Hayes Bae

That’s a good team. These young guys deserve it rather than another year of being treated like a full season of spring training.

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Man this would be a fun team to watch! Especially the transition of Priester to a second baseman lol


lmao i wonder why i did that. Was i trying to type Peguero and typed the “other” P prospect’s name? who knows.


Just predicting the pirates’ emphasis on positional flexibility!


Great vignettes here. Thanks Tim!


Great article!


This article has given me much more understanding of the group of players who don’t look at stats and metrics.

Ignorance, arguably, but who could maintain such an unwavering confidence when constantly looking at evidence of failure?

I get it. Leave that stuff for the coaches to translate into actions.


Love every bit of this, Tim.

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