Additional Draft Bonus Information for the Pirates

The Pittsburgh Pirates signed fourth round pick Michael Kennedy to an over-slot deal yesterday. They also announced that 13th round pick Miguel Fulgencio signed. Baseball America has some bonus information that we were missing when the Fulgencio signing was announced, including one that affects the draft bonus pool.

BA has tenth round pick Tanner Tredaway receiving $47,500, which I was able to confirm. His slot amount was $155,000, so the Pirates added to their over-slot pool with just first round pick Termarr Johnson waiting to sign. I would expect him to sign this weekend with the Pirates at home for a four-game series against the cross-state rival Philadelphia Phillies, so the Pirates can introduce him in front of the home crowds. The signing deadline is Monday at 5 PM, and I haven’t heard anything about him possibly not signing. Teams sign players in a specific order for bonus pool purposes to make sure the numbers work out correctly.

BA also has some numbers that don’t affect the bonus pool:

11th round pick Dominic Perachi received $125,000

14th round Nick Cimillo $100,000

15th Jaycob Deese $80,000

16th Elijah Birdsong $100,000

20th Josh Loeschern $25,000

The only number missing for the signed players is Fulgencio. The draft tracker has been updated and it shows that the Pirates have $210,700 available for over-slot deals without penalty (tax on 5% overage) and nearly $900,000 when you add in the 5% allowed overage without severe penalty. The Pirates have dipped into that 5% nearly every year, so I imagine they will this year as well if it is necessary to get any signings done.

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Report that Johnson is in pittsburgh for his physical today


I hope they sign all the players they drafted, especially TJ.


Per Jason Mackey of the Post Gazette Tremarr Johnson is in Pittsburgh. No agreement yet, but they must be talking.


I guess we won’t hear that Johnson has signed today, because I am going to assume when one of the local beat writers finds out he is in Pittsburgh for a physical he will break the news. I sure hope he doesn’t decide to attend Arizona U rather than signing with the Pirates.


This is a kid who – to the best of my knowledge – has never said anything except how much he wants to play professional baseball right now. N way he passes on the $7 mil slot value for the overall #4 pick!


Yeah, if there was going to be a potential issue with the Bonus, they wouldn’t have signed Kennedy first and used some of the savings that could be going to Johnson. It’s just a timing thing here, he will be signing


Possible he got red flagged for an injury or condition,even if they were waiting to announce him this weekend he would still have to be in town


Hopefully some of that overslot money will go to Yoel Tejeda.

Bucs'N'Pucks (Jeff Reed)

The Perachi signing is a little surprising, only so because they usually use that pick for an overage player.


Seems like there were fewer high-level HS drops taken early on Day 3, but I really like Perachi’s profile. Good size, good numbers in solid summer leagues, still young and probably has tons of room to grow physically and technically once he goes from D3 to pro coaches and facilities.


Johnson fixin to get broke off!

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