Bonus Information on Pirates Fifth Round Pick, Tres Gonzalez

Jim Callis from MLB Pipeline has bonus information for Pittsburgh Pirates fifth round pick Tres Gonzalez, who was part of a group of six players who signed last night.

According to Callis, the Pirates signed Gonzalez for $347,500, which is $67,100 under slot. The Pirates should have no problem signing all 21 players this year, assuming they all want to sign. They had the fourth biggest bonus pool and only took one player after the tenth round who should receive an over-slot bonus. They also took college seniors in the top ten rounds. There’s more likely a bigger question as to whether or not they maxed out their bonus pool. That has never been a question in the past since the bonus pool era started, but I don’t see where they would be spending the money to get to the point of using their entire pool.

Our tracker has been updated. It shows that right now they have saved $347,500. When you add in the 5% allowed for overage without severe penalty, they have over $1M right now for over-slot signing bonuses. That number is very likely to increase today if we hear more numbers from last night. As I said though, it seems to matter very little this year and there shouldn’t be any worry over any player signing, other than a player after the tenth round wanting to return to school. Over 98% of top ten round picks sign each year.

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He’s going to be interesting to watch develop – a lot of tools, hope he finds a little power.

His picture was not what I expected – I thought he would look much more hispanic, with that name.


Nothing screams I’m a white dude over 50 like your second sentence.


Now who’s being stereotypical


My family is hispanic, I speak Spanish. My son has a white name and looks hispanic. I’m sure that’s unexpected to some people. Its not a value judgement, its just not what people expect the average person with my son’s name to look like.

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Draft Tracker is such an awesome resource. I think I’ve now bookmarked that at three different jobs, lol.

Bet Kennedy ends up a million dollar arm. Doesn’t seem like you can buy a HS arm out of a major college for less than seven figures anymore.

Don’t know what they’re gonna do with the 5% allowance, tho…

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According to PG, Yoel Tejeda Jr. is one of the top recruits for Florida

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