P2Daily: Connor Scott Still A Name To Watch Down The Stretch

Connor Scott hit a three-run home run this past Sunday for the Altoona Curve. It was the first time he cleared the fence in 78 days, his second overall of the season.

I was there when he hit his first home run with the Curve, and I would have never of guessed it would have taken him this long to do it again.

I was at the last four games of Altoona’s series against the Flying Squirrels in Richmond in April, and Scott was hands down the best player on the field during that time.

It was four games, I get it, but the guy slashed .500/.588/.929 with three doubles and a home run in front of my eyes. You want to talk about making a good first impression? That’s about as good as it could be from a guy new to the system.

We knew that kind of performance was maintainable throughout a full season, but the depths that he has struggled since then has been a little shocking.

April Rest of Season
.358/.443/.528 Slash .216/.273/.318
170 wRC+ 63
.430 wOBA .267
11.5% BB% 6.7%
21.3% K% 21.6%
.462 BABIP .277
.170 ISO .101

The BABIP alone screamed regression, but again, he seemed to show enough to where the drop off shouldn’t have been this drastic.

Not for a former first round pick, taken three picks after Travis Swaggerty in 2018. Not a guy who stands at 6’3” with some raw power to play with.

He’s also played great defensively, making some big plays in the outfield in key situations. In fact, there are times where I do think of a younger Swaggerty with Scott. Maybe the defense and arm are good enough to get him to the majors, it just depends on how much the bat comes along that determines his overall value.

Kyle Nicolas got off to a great start but has been a little up and down as of late, also dealing with an injury. Zach Thompson has been one of the Pirates better starting pitchers after a rough start, meaning if Scott can right the ship Ben Cherington could very well get contributions from all three pieces of the Jacob Stallings trade.

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For ‘the rest of the season’ if his BABIP was average (.277 to .297), he’d still only be hitting .246. As the pundits said when the deal was made, we got ourselves a 4th OFer. He has done nothing to change that viewpoint.


Scott’s absolutely monster first week weirdly muddies the water even more than that.

First week of season: .550/.640/.900 312 wRC+
Rest of April: .221/.279/.315 72 wRC+

Kid had a lot of momentum after finishing well in high-A last year, don’t know if they’d have done better starting him back there or if this just is who he is.


AA is a big step up. Some do it. Some don’t.


Interesting prospect, bit of a hiccup recently for sure but still youngish and someone we can dream about, just cant count on…which is every prospect, except Bae😲🤭🤣


I dream about a .380 – .410 OBP leadoff hitter who scores 100+ runs a year. Know any prospects like that?


Enrique Bradfield.


O goody, a quiz. I forgot how much I hated quizzes until I took a French class last year. Alex, I would like to buy a vowel. Is there an ‘a?’ Is there an ‘e?’

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