P2Daily: Four Home Run Weekend For Endy, Is Altoona In The Picture?

Endy Rodriguez might be playing himself into a possible promotion.

The Greensboro catcher collected a total of six hits over the weekend, four of which were home runs. He put together an 11-game hitting streak that stretched the end of June and into July. This month he has hit safely in 12 of the 15 games he has played.

At this point in the season, I’m not in an overly big rush to move anyone around, especially a catcher. While it’s easier to see the bat at play, you have to remember there’s more to it than that when it comes to the position’s development.

Rodriguez is, however, one of the better defensive catchers in the system, and with Henry Davis out currently, there is room for him in Altoona at the position. Both Blake Sabol and Dylan Shockley have played well behind the plate, but having Endy in Double-A could give them more options with how they work their lineup.

Of course, Rodriguez is known for his versatility (he played second base on Sunday), but with Davis out there’s a really big opportunity to get the most out of him behind the plate.

It would also give Abrahan Gutierrez a chance to be featured a bit more in Greensboro, as he’d be the clear go-to if Rodriguez moves up.

Any amount of playing time against better competition is good for the development, but this late in the year if Rodriguez struggles it doesn’t give him a lot of time to adjust going into the off-season. As a catcher, there would be a decent learning curve working with a new staff on top of adjusting to hitting at a higher level.

Still, Altoona would give him a chance to focus at the position, get a good look at where he’s at defensively stepping up with a better pitching staff and all of that with some capable options behind him.

— If you check out the Daily Video Rundown, you will see Travis Swaggerty hit another triple on Sunday, his sixth of the season. He had five in his entire minor league career going into 2022.

Swaggerty debuted in the majors this season, also collecting his first hit at the level, but never really got a true shot at sticking. It seemed like a good opportunity to get him back up when Bryan Reynolds hit the injured list, but that wasn’t the case. He hasn’t hit well in July, so that could be part of it.

Ben Gamel and Greg Allen coming back could be the other, so that issue could clear itself up by the deadline. I’m not sure Allen is able to build up enough value in such a short time, but I guess you never know. Regardless, Swaggerty has played well this year, and is pretty much the only outfielder on the 40-man who hasn’t gotten an extended look in the majors (Canaan Smith-Njigba as well, but the injury caused that).

With his defense, Swaggerty has the potential to help this team in multiple ways, he just needs an opportunity.

— Really the only way to say this comes off very hyperbolic but that was really some of the best baseball I’ve seen Quinn Priester pitch on Sunday. I’m not really worried about the stat line for him, outside of the one walk, but visually you could see some progression throughout the season.

He mixed in his changeup and sinker, with both of the pitches working beautifully off of each other. Preister didn’t even have to use his best pitch, the curveball, that much throughout the game. Even the fastball didn’t look as hittable as it had been in previous outing.

The biggest step I’d like to see next is to start working towards pitching on a more traditional schedule. He had been on a once-per-week or six day cycle the majority of the season. There’s a chance he stays like this straight through the season and into the Arizona Fall League to catch back up on innings.

I’ll have the video out of that start later this week.

— The stat line looks much more human for Mike Burrows in Indianapolis, but the important number for him and the only one to watch the rest of the year – 3 1/3. Between Altoona and Indianapolis, Burrows has pitched 73 1/3 innings after logging just 49 last year in Greensboro (plus the AFL).

After playing in the Future’s Game, Burrows looks like he’s still on the right path towards pulling a Roansy Contreras end of the season debut by the end of the year. It just wouldn’t be a surprise if they very much manage his workload until he gets to that point.

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I haven’t been as active on this site over the past few months (life got in the way), but attempting to read a few articles over the weekend I reached a screen in error asking me to enter my login information. The articles still do not unlock for me after I enter my info and it only seems to be articles that Tim posts (that I’ve noticed). My payment for the month has cleared according to my banking statement, although I never received an invoice via email for this month. Has anyone else been having issues??

Tim Williams

Send me an email or fill out the form on the Account page and I’ll get your subscription fixed. tim@piratesprospects.com


I emailed you Tim. I’ve had issues with my emails going to spam folders lately, so if it’s not in your inbox don’t forget to check there


what happened to Malone and Lo Lo? Hurt? I think the pirates had Malone for almost three years now and I don’t think he has pitched 50 innings? Marte still playing great and the return now seems very inadequate.


Yeah you can basically write Malone off at this point.


Malone is on the IL


On Endy, I feel like that he should stay, keep building on the season, start in AA next year and if successful, he could move up to AAA at years end. Burrows inning, I think a trip to the development list or whatever it is called might be a way to go to manage his innings perhaps starting next month and a similar cameo appearance to Contreras as you mentioned.


When will Endy get the love and be a top 100 MLB prospect? Good defensively, showing power with his now 13 hr while walking ~10% of the time and a future hit tool to covet.

For me, I’m seeing Davis, Termarr, and maybe Priester above him, but he is a top 5 prospect for us and feel he should be justified in the 75-100 overall baseball level.

Thanks for coming to my Ted-talk.


That doesn’t really take into account other organizations and their prospects, does it?


Lets play a little game.

  1. Catcher A is playing or will have played A+ ball during the year he was 21. Has hit double digit homeruns this minor league season, walks >10% of the time and is batting .285 on the year. Defensively he is praised for his arm strength and accuracy and is consistent. Has received a Salvador Perez comp
  2. Catcher B is playing or will have played A+ ball during the year he was 21. Has hit double digit homeruns this minor league season, walks >10% of the time and is batting .285 on the year. Defensively, he is universally praised for his work behind the plate with an athletic blocking a nd throwing well, and noted for his work with the pitching staff.

This was written purposefully of course, but Catcher A is Diego Cartaya of the Dodgers (who will turn 21 in a month) and Catcher B is Endy (who turned 22). I realize the age thing was purposefully misleading, but Diego Cartaya is currently ranked the #33 prospect in all of baseball. Using Baseball trade values for the pure surplus value, the difference in them is large – think Endy + Nick Gonzales +, Priester.

I’m not saying teams rely on this consensus ranking exclusively – but being a lower profile signing at age 18 for $10k has left Endy a bit underappreciated. Time for him to get his just desserts


I can see the argument for not promoting Endy when there isn’t time for him to make adjustments if he struggles at first. OTOH, those struggles would send him into the offseason with a clear idea of what to work on to be ready to hit the ground running in ’23. And what if he doesn’t struggle in his first month? Then that really changes the way we think about him moving forward.

But as you say, we don’t know what work is going on behind the scenes with his catching. That’s the only argument for leaving him down because otherwise I don’t see what he gains from staying down. I want to see a culture where a player can play his way to more aggressive promotions and Endy seems to be doing that, again with the one big unknown about his work behind the plate.

Bucs'N'Pucks (Jeff Reed)

More playing time for Abrahan?! Mannnnnn, no love for Eli Wilson! lol


If Hank is out for an extended period I’d say a promotion for Rodriguez likely to happen. Especially since they’ve given no timetable for Hank’s return. I hope Davis comes back this year, and goes to the AFL.


Well done on laying out a strong case for promoting Endy. But I don’t believe for a minute, it will happen this year. Sure would be nice to see how well the bat plays in a more neutral park vs better pitching though.

As for “managing workload,” of Burrows, Priester, Contreras, and other SP’s, this is on my personal Mt. Rushmore of things that are wrong with baseball.

1. Limiting SP’s innings
2. Catcher Interference Rule
3. Runners not allowed to break up DP’s
4. MLB Economic System

I’m sure some of you are mumbling “get off my lawn” after reading my list. And I’d say, Guilty!


For 1 I like the idea being thrown around that a team loses their DH if they take the starter out before the __ inning. The should also allow for a minimum number of runs so a team doesn’t lose their DH if they need to pull their starter because he’s given up 3-4 runs early.


ban the dH


Position players pitching! Hate it. If your team sucked so bad that you have to use one then pay the price, you shouldn’t get to save the pen and subject fans to shit show.


I didn’t notice if Red Sox used a position player the other night when they gave up 28 to the Jays. Probably not since 25 of them came in innings 1-5.


They did!
I mean if I scored that many run you would want the advantage of facing either a tired pen or some AAA arm they had to call up for the following game…..rant over….maybe…

Last edited 2 months ago by PirateRican21

The free runner on base in extra innings sucks too.


I actually like it since it usually takes 3+ hours to play the first 9 innings.


But isn’t funny how often that run scores but a lead off double or even a triple seem to often get stranded…..maybe I’m watching to many Pirates games 😣


The length of games is definitely an issue, even more so when you’re a fan of a team that often disappoints you in the end. But that’s a separate issue and I’m really looking forward to MLB adopting a pitch clock.


I’d like to see them push it back to at least the 13th inning. Give the game 3 extra innings under normal rules before the ghost runner. If they’re worried about pitching, add a 27th roster spot—either permanently or following any game that goes more than 12 innings.

Last edited 2 months ago by TNBucs

Play 12 innings, then declare a tie.


As a soccer fan, I’m all for ties. When two teams are even after, say, 12 innings, neither deserves a win or loss. It will never happen though–too many people would think it’s a Euro-corruption of America’s Game 😉


I’m with you on 1 and 4.


So you like the Catcher Interference rule?

I’m old enough to remember when Pirates Catcher was ruled to have interfered with runners opportunity to score on a force out at home!

Dumbest rule in the history of rules!


I thought you meant interfering with a hitter’s swing. Yeah I can’t stand the arbitrary rules about blocking the plate or even bases

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