P2Daily: Rapid Reactions To Day One Of 2022 MLB Draft

Armed with the fourth overall pick, the Pittsburgh Pirates went away from their blueprint from the previous two years under Ben Cherington and drafted high school infielder Termarr Johnson.

One of the best hitters in the draft, Johnson was given a ’70’ hit tool by MLB Pipeline, and his player bio said that a scout actually gave him an ’80’ grade.

For reference, Wander Franco had an ’80’ hit tool on MLB Pipeline, and he was rated as the top prospect in the game for multiple years.

For someone with his frame (reportedly 5’8″), Johnson packs a punch and is someone that is seen with 25+ home run potential.

Johnson’s hitting ability alone instantly makes him one of the best prospects in the Pirates system. Fangraphs themselves said Johnson would slide in around 27th in all of baseball in their final rankings. Henry Davis is currently top on the Pirates’ list as the 20th overall ranked prospect.

Fangraphs also compared Johnson to Brandon Lowe, but with far more upside due to his hit tool being better.

The Pirates also made two other selections on the first night of the draft, selecting a pair of college pitchers in Thomas Harrington (Campbell University), and Hunter Barco (Florida).

While the draft in baseball is a lot different than any other sport, overall reactions are best served at the end to see how everything played out. Here are a couple of thoughts after day one:

— The Pirates may have deterred from the ‘drafting a college hitter with their first round pick’ route they have taken the last two years, but there is still a common theme among all three of Cherington’s selections.

The hit tool.

Cherington still shows he values hitting over everything. Nick Gonzales was seen as the best pure college hitter in his draft class, as was Henry Davis. Some are calling Johnson one of the best hitting prospects  to come out the prep ranks in years, and it shows in his grades across just about every scouting site.

Elijah Green would have given them the player with the biggest upside, and tons of power to go around. Kevin Parada or Brooks Lee would have fit the mold almost too perfect.

In the end they went with the best hitter, and that was Johnson.

— One of two things will probably happen seeing how day one unfolded. The Pirates will either need right up to slot value to sign Johnson, explaining the two college pitchers that college. Or, they are planning something big for round three, the same round they drafted Bubba Chandler last year.

Brock Porter is still there. Just saying.

— Thomas Harrington seems like he could be a really good story coming up in the system. He went from being a walk-on to the highest drafted pitcher in his school’s history (Fighting Camels is the best mascot ever, right?).

I’m trying to find as much video as I can find on him, but it sounds like he could instantly find himself near the top of that second tier of pitching prospects in the system, along the lines of Carmen Mlodzinski and Kyle Nicolas.

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Wilbur Miller

Just looking at quick takes around the intertubes . . . everyone is in love with Termarr, more so after the interview. Longenhagen most of all. He also says Barco threw a good splitter in HS. Haven’t seen that elsewhere.


I was just reading Longenhagen’s recap of day one. He is very positive about our draft and is “over the moon for the Brewers’ first day.” I only add that about the Brewers because I think they should be the model we follow–my daughter asked me the other day why I no longer seem to dislike the Brewers as much as I used to. My reply was essentially:

  1. Everything they do seems to be smart which allows them to remain competitive despite turnover and lower payrolls than teams like the Cardinals and Cubs, so they’ve earned my respect.
  2. Ryan Braun is gone.

Anyway, it’s a good recap if anyone wants a sense of each team’s draft to this point.


Hi. Can I ask if I missed an announcement at some point about the guides ordered in November? I’m sorry to ask in comments but I’ve tried other ways

Tim Williams

I’ll have an announcement going out soon on that project. It keeps changing, but is now a set project.


Thank you. I also discovered I have a problem with my account today after changing my forgotten password it’s saying I’m not subscribed to premium despite being renewed in June


I get that occasionally. Usually just logging in again solves that. Annoying, but probably not at the top of your life’s challenges.


I had tried maybe 4 times. I’ll try a few more times now that you say that. Yeah no big deal if it works


I think it’s definitely possible Harrington could still add velo to his fastball. Which I believe would move the needle on his upside. Could be the surprise of the draft in a couple years.


I think you are on to something. The two knocks on Harrington are lack of elite velo or shape on his FB. These are both modifiable.


I think it helps he is a sophomore, so still young and time to fill out more. Don’t know if it will happen but definitely a possibility.


Watched the highlight videos last night, and just caught up on all the post draft interviews this morning. Termarr is my easily new favorite player. Just hearing his story, where he came from, him talking about his friends and family. And he’s got the leadership, coolness factor, swagger, confidence – that reminds me of Cutch. And he’s 5’9″ and plays second, just like me in my high school days, except I only had warning track power, and I was average for Southwestern Pa high school baseball – so almost the same thing. Even his swing has flair, he can flat out hit. Love this kid

Last edited 2 months ago by clemo83
Bucs'N'Pucks (Jeff Reed)

You know, I was actually curious if Termarr hit a growth spurt. Cause I thought I remembered seeing 5’7″ back when I first got wind of him with Longenhagen’s “too early rankings” last year, then now I’m seeing 5’10” in places.


Technically he could still grow. But 5’10 isn’t a bad size.


Why thank you. That was not the reason I was a poor player.


He looked tiny last night standing next to Kevin Young, and was noticeably shorter than the interviewer and Manfred. 5’8″ is probably correct. Let’s hope the front office is right about the hit tool and the makeup.


Super all in if we can snag porter in the third, would push us into ‘A’ territory imo


what’s the story on Porter? is he just seen as expensive or what?


Supposedly he is unsignable. But everyone has a price if look at history. The question is how will BC get the money to sign him, cause I assume he would be around Bubbas asking price.


Johnson already said he’s the best player in the draft so I’m not sure why you guys wasted all this time analyzing the pick. Sheesh.


Because why the hell would we draft a 2B when we already have Van Meter who is not even a free agent until 2026?*

(*overheard in Shelton household last night)

Last edited 2 months ago by Cobra

Because it keeps us from fussing about things that are important.


And many of them are also out of our control. Fun question though.


So far, this draft has much more the feel of the 2020 draft where we pick the best player available with our top pick and go mostly college pitching after that. We did get Jones and I’m hoping that we get a similar upside HS arm or two today.


Will Harrington and Barco sign under slot?


I wouldn’t expect Harrington to go much under slot as he’s a draft-eligible sophomore so has some leverage. OTOH, after seeing so many college pitchers go down with TJS this season, he has to be well aware of the risk in going back to school.

Barca, though, would miss all of the next college season so doesn’t seem to have much leverage and it would be surprising if we didn’t save a little money on him. He could go the Rocker route and hope to show teams that he’s fully healthy next July, so I don’t think we’ll save enough to get someone like Porter today but maybe enough to get someone interesting that I’ve not heard of 🙂


To go big you can also sign some college seniors later.


Fangraphs has Johnson at 5’8″, MLB Pipeline and ESPN at 5’10”. Simply due to Longenhagen being overworked at Fangraphs since Goldstein left, I’m guessing the 5’10” is more accurate. Cutch is 5’10” and I’ll have a little more confidence in Johnson’s power developing if he’s 5’10”. OTOH, Altuve, so it probably doesn’t really matter.

Wilbur Miller

Yeah, Altuve kinda demolished the old algorithms.


Shades of Jimmy Wynn – The Toy Cannon!


The Guardians’ Ramirez is around that height!


Good comp!

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