Pirates Announce Six Draft Pick Signings, Including Four of Their Top Ten Picks

According to Jim Callis from MLB Pipeline, the Pittsburgh Pirates signed sixth round pick Derek Diamond, a right-handed pitcher out of Ole Miss. He received the full slot amount of $311,600.  This brings the total of signed players to five, with one week until the signing deadline. The Pirates announced four signings from the top ten rounds on Friday night.

Here’s the selection announcement for Diamond, along with his player page. Here’s our draft page with our signing tracker and links.

While I was typing that up, the Pirates announced five more signings from today. They have also signed fifth round pick Tres Gonzalez, seventh round pick JP Massey, ninth rounder Mike Walsh, 11th rounder Dominic Perachi and 20th round pick Josh Loeschern. Gonzalez is an outfielder, while the other five are pitchers. All of them are college players. Expect more bonuses to be added. I’ll update them below if they are announced tonight. Check our draft page link for info, player pages and articles on all six players.

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Massey, as a college Sr should be a relatively cheap signing. There should also be savings in 10th round pick Tredaway. Their slots aren’t that big, but I’d expect at least $200k combined savings. That would give them about $1.25M for over slot deals.


Teresa is thinking one of two things.
1) Can I do this again in a couple of years and be a much higher pick?
2). Will the Pirates pay me the max and pay for four years at UF?
I’m not sure how the mlb teams paying for college thing works.
Does anyone know?


I think teams regularly guarantee college tuition for their HS picks and that doesn’t count against their draft pool. I think that’s something that sounds better in theory because they lose the opportunity to attend college with their peers. OTOH, the college experience of athletes in major sports in major conferences is far removed from what many of us think of as the college experience.


When will #1 sign? What is the hold up?


Right! Getting more frustrated by the day watching other top picks sign


Is there anyone who stands out as someone who will be trouble to sign?


I expect Michael Kennedy and Yoel Tejeda will require above slot money. I expect Kennedy to sign, not so sure about Tejeda.


Yes, players can change their mind but typically teams know what guys drafted in the top 10 require to sign and will only pick a player they feel confident they can sign. So yes on Kennedy.

What gives me hope for Tejeda is that he wasn’t the highest ranked HS player remaining (at least 50 or so were ranked higher) so maybe they picked him because they had a number from him they thought they could meet.


I’m very surprised Diamond signed for the slot amount. I expected him to be an underslot signing.

Since Johnson has not signed yet, my suspicion is growing that he will go overslot.


Honestly I tell Johnson it’s slot or nothing. If he truly wants to go to college and risk that 7 million go right ahead. Pirates will win that poker game. Second next yes draft is way better. Nothing wrong with the 5th pick and there own pick next yr.


I haven’t heard that it is way better at the top, just that it is deep. I don’t think we would get a better single prospect than Termarr at #5 next year. I fully believe we will sign him – probably for $7.2M or $200k overslot


If the Pirates don’t sign Johnson, it will be huge egg on their face. They can afford to go over slot due to how the rest of their draft went.


Next year’s draft may be better right now, but that may not be true in a year’s time.

Wilbur Miller

The Pirates’ practice in the past has been to sign under-slot first and over-slot last. The bonuses are probably all worked out now, but I guess they don’t want to risk having some glitch come up and finding themselves over their pool amount.

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