Pirates Discussion: Pirates Have a Chance to Take the Series

The Pirates don’t play on the 4th, but have a chance to celebrate early by taking three out of four from the Brewers today.

Pirates have won two games so far, with a forgettable game sandwiched in between.

It’s actually kind of upsetting no one hit three homers in one game over last two days. As we’ve started to become accustomed to.

Feels weird to say, that now we have some expectations of a home run being hit. There’s some excitement of thump, that hasn’t existed in roughly a decade. Like when Cutch and El Toro were battling it out for the team lead in 2012 (Cutch edged the bull by one: 31 to 30).


Time: 1:35 PM EST

Pirates Starter: Zach Thompson, (3-5, 4.47)

Brewers Starter: Brandon Woodruff, (6-3, 4.44)

Thompson notes: Pirates leader in wins, among starters, returns from the IL after a stretch of seven starts where he carried a 2.91 ERA. He faces off against Woodruff, who is having somewhat of a down year. Currently his GB% (37.7%) is the worst of his career, a career worst LOB% (64.3%), and a career worst HR/9 (1.29). And as noted, the Pirates hit a bunch of homers now.

Zach Thompson Made an Important Change to His Mindset in 2021




UPDATE: Some roster moves and a new pitcher.

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Same post as before, just substitute BRey.


C’mon Key, now would be a great time to get a big hit!


No pinch runner for V?


Why no pinch hitter for Chavis against a pitcher who has dominated RHB? Why pinch hit your worst and second slowest hitter with two on and one out in the 9th? Why wait until Castillo gets to 2nd before pinch running for him?


Where is Donnie, his job to get in Shelton’s ear also


Just the threat of a stolen base could make a difference here.


Beede is getting more and more interesting. SSS but there’s little doubt he can be a key piece for ’23, as an arb player. He’s finally pitching like a 1st rounder after TJ and back issues. I’d like to see him start a few games too in the second half.


Nothing to lose by taking a look. He has starter history. Rather than a $4 mil F.A. we might already have a starter in waiting.


And its not like his role isnt valuable already! We have seen the problem of not having a reliable pen


Some pitchers are actually better after TJ. He’s showing there is that possibility.


Underwood dealing, again! We need a set up, preferably a good lefty, but the other bullpen pieces are falling into place.


I hope Hayes has a Yelich transformation. Yelich was a ground ball machine early in his career, one that hit the ball hard just like Hayes.


BTW it’s time to add and not subtract the real talent on the Pirate roster…


Mr. Thompson is a pleasant surprise for me, hope he can keep it going for 2022…


You know we will be seeing Hader, so it’s imperative to get one off Woodruff AND to throw a combined shutout. Two tall tasks.


2-1 game Hayes walks it off Harder!


That didn’t age well.


Ahhh, I meant 3-2!


Why is that my favorite play so,far by Cruz? He was like give me the ball I will run him down!


Lol, I was thinking the same thing.


Best fielder in mlb history strikes again


So overrated.


I know it was only 101 mph and he was playing in, easy as a bunt b

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Dave Martinez gets a one year extension for ’23. With the Nats on the market, and Soto not extended, if I were BC I would start showing interest towards Davey now. Probably a pipe dream, but timing to replace Shelton as we become competitive is important. Davey might be interested in guiding a young up and coming club.


I’m open to anything


Trade talk:
Castrovince writes and predicts:

“The Yankees will acquire Bryan Reynolds.””If that means building a trade package around top prospects like Oswald Peraza and Jasson Dominguez, so be it. The Yankees have every reason to seize this moment.”
hard passed on that “package”

Wilbur Miller

This kind of garbage is tiresome. That’s nowhere near enough for an all-star level everyday player with three years of control left. Peraza and Dominguez are high-risk prospects with track records of bad plate discipline. On top of that, Dominguez looks primed to follow the Delmon Young career path, as a young guy whose outgrowing, sideways, his physical talents. But, hey, they’re Yankees prospects so they must be future HOFers. Just like Gary Sanchez and Jesus Montero and Drew Henson and Nick Johnson.

Even if you do a deal like this, there’s no way on earth you do it without Volpe.


Everyone understands what it’s going to take to pry Reynolds from the Pirates. But it’s tough to give up your two best prospects and a third in the top 10.


MLBTR had a live chat yesterday i think and the guy or gal was saying how lots of people that were putting together ‘packages’ for reynolds were way under selling our price/what it would take, which was really nice to hear as i want a ransom for him.


this is package I would love:


I would take out wells or wesneski for domginuez personally, but if reynolds were to move it would have to be this type of HAUL


For what I’ve seen so far, Dominguez is not someone I’ve built a package around, he is built like a grown man and not destroying the lower level. I’m sure I’m being unfair, but I don’t think he’s the superstar he was unfairly hyped to be.


Thats fair, but i think that package is centered around volpe. The upside of dominguez as an OF is someone i would want included, but no harm in not!


I’ve seen him live against the Marauders and I don’t think you are being unfair. I’m not trying to be funny but I think his ceiling is Daniel Vogelbach.

Wilbur Miller



Would be a good piece of package though. Upside is there


I was just commenting on another thread that Cruz gave props to McCutchen on that missile of a home run the other night.

As he crossed home plate, he tipped his cap, right foot first. Nice.

Is he doing this all the time or was that a one-off?


John Dreker

That’s just what he does. Every guy now has to choreograph a routine for their homers. He looks at his wrist as he round second, does the thing you mentioned, been like that all year. People said the wrist look was a watch, as in saying it’s time for him to be in the majors, but he was doing it when he was hitting .150 in April and he’s still doing it now, so who knows what it is. At least he isn’t as obnoxious as Fernando Tatis, or even Ronald Acuna now, who I can’t believe he can hit and remember all of his dance steps.


He’s done it for every mlb homer this year!


Be nice to get some payback on Woodruff today. He’s up there with Wainwright on Pitchers most likely to defeat Pirates list.


Go Bucs!!

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