Pirates Discussion: Sunday Funday; Hayes Scratched Late

The number of the day is 396.

After another extra inning loss to the Philadelphia Phillies — their sixth loss in a row — the Pittsburgh Pirates fall to 40-61 which is good for a .396 win percentage. The Pirates have now gone 9-16 in the month of July.

Sunday’s starter who looks to end the losing streak is JT Brubaker with a 3.96 ERA.


Cal Mitchell is in the midst of a promising stretch. In the month of July he is currently slashing .273/.314/.455 which is good for a .769 OPS. In just his last seven games he is slashing .292/.346/.542 for an .888 OPS.

Mitch Keller was able to battle through six innings while only allowing one earned run to the Phillies. With those six innings Keller set a new career season high in innings pitched by one out at 101 IP.

Keller deserved better. You could really say that about every Pirates starter not named Zach Thompson. The starting staff has had a really strong month of July.

ERA’s by Starter in July who’ve made at least three starts:

  • JT Brubaker: 3 starts – 2.50 ERA
  • Mitch Keller: 5 starts – 2.61 ERA
  • Bryse Wilson: 4 starts – 3.27 ERA
  • Jose Quintana: 5 starts – 3.67 ERA
  • Zach Thompson: 5 starts – 6.33 ERA

Between all five starters they’ve gone a combined 4-9 in the month of July.

The Pirates now find themselves only a half game ahead of the Cincinnati Reds for last place in the NL Central. They’re additionally only one game ahead of the Kansas City Royals for the third worst record in the majors.

There’s only two full business days before the trade deadline on Tuesday at 6pm.

Phillies @ Pirates

Time: 1:35 PM EST

Pirates Starter: JT Brubaker (2-8, 3.96)

Marlins Starter: Aaron Nola (6-8, 3.32)

Brubaker Notes: In JT Brubaker’s June 3rd start against the Arizona Diamondbacks, he was only able to complete four innings after giving up five earned runs. Since then Brubaker has thrown 48.1 innings in eight starts while surrendering only 17 earned runs which is good for a 3.17 ERA. In his last start against the Chicago Cubs, he was able to knock his ERA under 4 for the first time all season. This will be his 20th start of the season while having already eclipsed 100 IP on the year, and the second year in a row. Brubaker’s season high in innings pitched of 154 IP came in 2018 while pitching between Altoona and Indianapolis.




1. Kyle Schwarber (L) DH
2. Rhys Hoskins (R) 1B
3. Alec Bohm (R) 3B
4. J.T. Realmuto (R) C
5. Nick Castellanos (R) RF
6. Bryson Stott (L) 2B
7. Didi Gregorius (L) SS
8. Matt Vierling (R) LF
9. Odubel Herrera (L) CF

UPDATE: Ke’Bryan Hayes is a late scratch due to left knee discomfort, so forget that first lineup you saw.

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So I was off by a month. I said they’d be behind Cincinnati by the end of June. I meant July.


Waiting sucks!!!!!!


Congrats BC/DS on passing a team that began the season 3-22 all the way into last place.


Right now I would have to say watching my grass grow is more exciting than watching these Pirates.

Wilbur Miller

You really have to wonder what level of embarrassment, if any, is too much for Bob, Ben and Derek (aka Moe, Larry and Curly) to tolerate. When do the regular blowouts, the losing streaks, the fielding and baserunning blunders, the clueless AB after clueless AB, the bonehead managerial decisions, the spectacle of players who are historically bad yet keep playing regularly . . . when does all that become a reason to make changes?


You gotta make room for Travis too–is there a president of an MLB team who seems less engaged with the actual play of the team? I imagine Williams sitting in a board room coming up with brilliant ideas like yinzerpalooza while unconcerned about the product they’re trying to get fans to watch. In his mind, surely this was a successful weekend–lots of tickets sold.

Wilbur Miller

Well, there was also Shemp.


All minor details to this franchise.


Got our two runs. Our work is done. Bring on Milwaukee.


I see Yoshi singled. That may earn him another hundred at bats LOL.


Why has Beede pitched only one inning since AS break? He should be a high leverage reliever, or a 5th starter.


Didn’t have a chance to watch the game. Someone give me the rundown on brewbaker tonight.


There’s a limit to the abuse you can put yourself through watching this sad mess. I’ve read how bad it was in the early 50’s but the fans hung on until the Pirates completely collapsed in ’52.

But this is on another level of incompetence because unlike the early 50’s there’s enough money to buy talent to win. Maybe not a championship or a division but there’s enough money to have a team that can compete. The Nickles Show doesn’t even care about competing. The money’s pocketed first and what’s leftover goes for scrapes like Tsutsugo and VanMeter. It should be illegal.


The sad part about this season is that the kids came up and they have all disappointed with the exception of Contreras.


A little early to conclude that and not even quite that accurate.


Jack was an exception, pleasant surprise.


Let me check…..1.2 WAR, ok let’s add him.

Wilbur Miller

This isn’t “tanking.” It’s “stanking.”


I’m able to see very few televised Pirate games but have watched three of the games against the Phillies (including today). What I am most struck by, from a fan’s perspective, is the feeling of hopelessness when the Pirates are up to bat. They really need to jettison a number of these guys this week through one means or another. It’s just really bad.


Reynolds now 8-55 with RISP. 8-55!!!!


His last bad season coincided with the birth of his first child….


He needs to get a reversible vasectomy until his career is over then, lol.


Bryan Reynolds had a terrible July-excepting the birth of his second child which transcends any baseball stuff.

Thus far he had a terrible April, a decent May, an excellent June, the only month he has played at the level we expected, and a washed out July, with only 40 some plate appearances and a .600 something OPS for the month (depending on what he does the rest of today.) Can he rebound with 2 good months to close out this season?


Brownie beat me to it…..this Phillies team is solid. Well put together by FO. Couple of young guns, and a lot of nice vets. Strong starting pitching. But of course, this costs a lot of money.


The Phillies have the fourth highest payroll in baseball behind only the Dodgers, Mets and Yankees so they should be a good team. Don’t seriously think the Pirates will ever compete with that.


Last year’s was the worst Pirate lineup that I’ve ever seen in 60 years of fandom, and now this one is starting to challenge that.

Wilbur Miller

If you want a measure of how big a joke Yoshi has become, Nola preferred facing him over VanMeter.


Never thought we’d see a hole in the lineup that was even worse than Polanco. But Ben found someone.


More than one

Wilbur Miller

Yep. Polanco was “worth” -1.1 fWAR last year. Yoshi this year, -1.3. And Yoshi has compiled that remarkable record in exactly half the PAs that Polanco had.


I wonder if scouts are reporting Newman’s good defensive play and uptick at the plate. Giving him away doesn’t make sense given the value he could provide around the infield.


To the Yankees for Andujar, and he would be our first baseman.


Andujar is intriguing, but Newman shoulden would probably ask for cash fetch at least a lottery ticket pitcher in addition to Andujar.


According to the trade calculations site they are about the same value. Newman has zero and Andujar has -.07.


Not like anyone is imminently taking the job away from him.


There should be a sense of urgency, so there are 3 full business days before the deadline! BC and staff should be working the phone/texts to try and improve this team. Addition by subtraction, trades or DFAs are always welcome.


Okay here we go again. Maybe a day to hope for rain especially with those two dead weights at the corners. What happened to the notion of Madris playing first anyway?

Wilbur Miller

I’ve come to think of the lineup as the Daily Dumbo Drop.


Well Keller seems to have turned a corner now that he is throwing a sinker. So with all the coaching he had in prior years why didn’t someone, anyone, suggest that he try to throw a sinker? What is a coach for if not for that? This team is terrible. Look how they lost last nights game, an off line throw to third base to try to get the lead runner and Hayes sitting on his ass not even getting up to try to retrieve the ball. If they had a manager, one that would hold them accountable for stupid and lazy plays then maybe they would be a better team. I thought Hurdle was bad but then Shelton came to town and made Hurdle seem like he knew what he was doing.


Shit i hope ke is alright


Welp i felt a lot better about our future hitters than pitchers, so in trying to be optimistic, it is a good thing to see some younger starters succeeding with more hitting helping coming in the near term


Under the new anti-tanking “deterrents” — deterrents that are so strong Josh Van Meter still gets regular, top of the order at bats in an actual Major League Baseball lineup — there is about a 50% chance that the #1 overall pick next year comes from one of the worst 3 teams . The Pirates are quickly approaching that category: https://www.tankathon.com/mlb

So proud of you Ben and Shelty. Many said there is no way you’d get away with another year of Field of Crap but you defied all your detractors and are pulling it off. Real men of genius . Thank you


I think of them as ‘The Weathermen’. When was the last time you saw a weatherman get fired and they’re wrong most of the time!


To be fair(not sure I like that saying,) the tank happened before the new CBA!


Does that mean that JVM will be pitching and catching at the same time ?


Lol, well said man 🤣

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