Pirates Select Outfielder Tanner Tredaway with Their Tenth Round Pick

With their tenth round pick in the 2022 MLB draft, the Pittsburgh Pirates selected outfielder Tanner Tredaway out of Oklahoma.

Tredaway is nearly 23 years old (August birthday), putting in four seasons at Oklahoma, where he played a little bit of everywhere, but mostly in center field. He’s 6’1″, 175 pounds and bats/throws from the right side. After putting up a .671 OPS as a freshman in 2019, he had a 1.082 OPS in 18 games before the 2020 season was ended early. Last year he hit .309/.391/.423 in 39 games. He played 68 games this year and hit .370/.414/.549, with 18 doubles, three triples, nine homers and 24 steals in 28 attempts. He saw a major drop in his walk rate, but he struck out just 28 times in 318 at-bats, so there are clearly excellent contact skills here. He did not run much or hit for a lot of power until this season. He was not rated among Baseball America’s top 500 players or MLB Pipeline’s top 250.

As a senior sign, Tredaway is going to come with some savings. The Pirates should have plenty of bonus pool space left after the first two days were played safe with almost every single pick, as well as two seniors.

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He’s 2-3 years older than Julio Rodriguez of the Mariners….let that sink in…..


I think we are at the point where this gets interesting. The Pirates have taken a unicorn, 3 solid prospects, two flyers, and five guys who’ve played baseball. By my math that leaves us with north of $1.3M (plus the $125k per signee) to play with in the next few rounds. That is enough to seriously test the college commitments of guys like Guidry, Horn, Lofton, Noot, etc.. A couple of those would make this a very fun class to follow.


Awesome point!


The draft is a crap shoot, we all get that. But is the general consensus on this draft so far is that after our first overall pick, the rest of the draft has been terribly underwhelming compared to last year?


I defer to Stephen B, but no.


well yeah, compared to lat year when they were able to convert the biggest draft pool and 4 early picks into Davis, Solometo, White and Chandler. That might never happen again.

I think they did fine yesterday with Johnson and Harrington, and I think Barco could be a sleeper if he’s able to come back from TJS with cleaner mechanics. Out of today’s picks the only one I like is Kennedy. Still, that’s 4 top 100-rated guys, same as ’21 – they just didn’t get 3 in the top 25 like they did last year.


Thank you, Stephen. I really appreciate your insight and the response.


Perfectly said


Not many teams go 2.5 mill under slot with a top pick often to get that much talent,very rarely happens

Bucs'N'Pucks (Jeff Reed)

Year younger than my senior sign OF nominee, so I guess I’ll allow it.


Very gracious of you  😀  😄  😂 


I can guess that TJ has taken twelve million of the bonus pool. If he didn’t take that much then how can anyone explain this draft. Eight college pitchers that are not rated highly and the possible best one just had TJ surgery.


You’re way underselling the college guys. Johnson will probably get close to slot, but so will Harrington. He was a top 50 guy, taken close to his ranking, and is the type of pitcher Cleveland has a ton of success with. Good command and secondary stuff out of college, decent fastball, but the frame to put on additional velo with good coaching, he was very worthy of going where he went.

There may be some savings, but the prep lefty will likely get some of that money.

And Barco could have been a 1st round pick if he didn’t get hurt. There’s a lot of talent here to work with, even if it wasn’t as sexy as last years picks. But it was never going to be after giving Johnson close to slot


The round 6-10 picks are certainly underwhelming. Combined slot value for those 5 is about $1.05M; you have to hope a lot of that, and maybe some of Barco & Brannigan’s slot money is going to lure 1-2 Top 200 HS kids away from their commitments.


Gee, I was hoping to choose the next Trout in round eight. But you are probably right.


I mean, who’s to say?

But the odds are it doesn’t matter who they picked in those rounds. Of the 150 players selected in rounds 6-10 back in 2015 (I chose because all players would have reached minor league free agency and after 7 years if you haven’t debuted yet, you probably never will), only 29 even made it to the big leagues. That’s 80% who topped out at AAA or worse. Or put another way, you could expect maybe one of the guys they drafted 6-10 to appear in the majors, and the greatest likelihood is they’ll accumulate less than 1 win in their careers.

It’s a top-heavy exercise, with enough surprises to keep it interesting, but even in the 2nd round, nearly half of draftees never even sniff the show.


Good Character, org guy. Had a career day to get Oklahoma to Omaha & end Va Tech’s season at VT.


Like your positivity.


This looks like a pick to save pool money, but it looks like almost everyone is taking college seniors in the tenth round.


Thanks for all your quick research and analysis today. sm


Yeah, thanks John. You know we appreciate your work.

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