Pirates Select Outfielder Tres Gonzalez with Their Fifth Round Pick

With their fifth round pick in the 2022 MLB draft, the Pittsburgh Pirates selected Georgia Tech outfielder Tres Gonzalez.

Gonzalez rated 138th for Pipeline and 164 for Baseball America. He gets a 55 grade for his hit tool from both sources, but everything else is different, though we are only talking half grades. Both sites agree that his power is well below average, his running is above average and his overall defensive game/arm is average.

The 21-year-old Gonzalez is a high contact hitter from the left side, who uses the entire field and gets on base at a high rate. His speed should help him once he’s on base, though he’s not a noted base stealing threat. That speed works better in the outfield, where he’s good at tracking down ball in either left field or center field. The power is doubles power at best right now from his 6’0″, 185 pound frame.

This is a lead-off hitter profile, who is going to need to keep up that OBP throughout the minors to reach his ceiling.

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I bet you 10 pesos he’s a third child


Look, I like the hit tool. But FFS, what have they got against power in outfielders.


1st off, his appearance does not look like someone named Tres Gonzales.

2nd, on his MLB video, Callis mentions that he was 2nd in BA in the Cape, so that’s something

Bucs'N'Pucks (Jeff Reed)

We now have a Trey and a Tres.


I like the average and walk to k’s. Also like that he was previously drafted by the Dodgers.

Last edited 2 months ago by chappy

Looking like the Pirates should have an abundance of monies left after this draft…


Planning on making a big grab later probably


I can’t imagine they are that far under slot currently. Johnson probably gets slot, the college pitchers were drafted pretty much in line with their rankings, maybe some savings on Barco. And the HS lefty likely requires over slot. Can’t imagine they have much room left


Absolutely wrong…


Explain please.


Explain that he’s wrong about not having money left after the draft? The pirates have never not spent their entire allotment in the slotting era, and they will spend it all this year. Least hear felt different because they saved on Davis and they could go over slot on other picks within their limit.

This year, they won’t get those same savings up top, so they won’t be able to go over as much the rest of the draft, and those picks will feel “cheap” compared to Solomento, Chandler, White, etc… the difference is Johnson is going to get most of that money this year, and they will still spend every cent they have available


Seems like a saving money pick. Certainly seems like a long shot for MLB unless they do an excellent job of developing him.


A guy drafted near where he is ranked isn’t likely to save a lot of money.


reminds me of luke brown. meh

Bucs'N'Pucks (Jeff Reed)

2nd Luke Brown name drop today  😂  I mentioned him with Brannigan pick.


not a good sign! lol

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