Pirates Select RHP JP Massey with Their Seventh Round Pick

With their seventh round pick in the 2022 MLB draft, the Pittsburgh Pirates selected right-handed pitcher JP Massey out of Minnesota.

The Pirates are looking to save money with this pick, taking a 22-year-old college senior in Massey, who has a large 6’5″ frame, listed at 205 pounds. He played four years at Minnesota, where he made 22 starts and 21 relief appearances. He has shown poor control, with 106 walks in 123.2 innings, but there were some slight improvements in that area this year. He has a 6.70 career ERA, and was just slightly better at 6.52 this year. He has struck out 140 batters and hitters have batted .249 against him through his college career. He was not rated top 250 by Pipeline or top 500 by Baseball America.

Here’s a highlight video from 2020, which was his best season with a 4.66 ERA

2022 Draft
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106 walks in 123.2 innings! I actually spit out my afternoon coffee as I read that!


Another pitcher in round 9. In addition to trying to save money, I wonder if the Pirates think they have a better chance to develop pitchers with one strength versus position players with one carrying tool.


I hope the minor league pitching coaches are really good so they can help these guys develop. Coaches are probably excited to get all these new projects.


I don’t think anyone will be raving about the Pirates draft this year unless they hit on a couple of high upside high school guys in rounds 11-20. Sure looks like Johnson will be getting slot or close to it the way they have run the draft today.


Save money on this pick and hope he can turn into a late inning reliever. I do not hate it


Seems like a shotgun approach toward pitchers with the hope of hitting on something worth developing. Totally different from last years targeted approach. Or so it appears to me anyway.


wtf they doin


Me neither. A lot of “poke & hope” types

Wilbur Miller

Not at all impressed by today’s picks.


looks like the 2020 draft. i think this is what to expect when they don’t go cheap on their first pick

Bucs'N'Pucks (Jeff Reed)

Feel either there has to be a shoe to drop, or a couple of the picks (Harrington & Kennedy) are going to require more than we expect.


If Termarr Johnson doesn’t drop to us in round 1 (since I don’t see us taking rocker) I think the Pirates would have taken someone to save money in the first round and we would have seen a repeat of last year.


I think you nailed it. Kennedy seems like the one worthwhile pick today with the limited savings they have generated with their picks today. Some of these are so off the board that they are trying to save up for one more splash.


Only problem with that is who is left to drop cash on?


Another LHP in Bradley Loftin, or OFs like Jordan Taylor or Gavin Turkey. Upside HS guys who projected for Round 3 but will require $$ to forgo their college commitment.


Turley, not Turkey.

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