Pirates Sign First Round Pick Termarr Johnson to Over-Slot Deal

The Pittsburgh Pirates announced that they have signed first round pick (fourth overall) Termarr Johnson to a deal that is slightly over the bonus slot amount. Jon Heyman is reporting that the deal is for $7,219,000, while the slot is $7,005,800.  He is the 18th pick to sign out of 21 players drafted this year by the Pirates.

Photo of the signing above by David Hague.

Here’s our selection announcement for Johnson.

Here’s his player page.

Check out our roundtable from earlier today looking at his ranking in the system.

Our draft tracker has been updated

The only remaining unsigned picks are 12th round pick KC Hunt, 14th round pick Julian Bosnic and 19th round pick Yoel Tejeda. The Pirates are right at their bonus pool amount now, but they still have the entire 5% overage to use if any of those three players require an over-slot deal. That amount is $687,065, which would be on top of the $125,000 slot amount after the tenth round. As an additional note, Miguel Fulgencio signed for $125,000, which doesn’t affect the bonus pool. The signing deadline is Monday at 5 PM.

Here’s some video:

Here’s a photo from David Hague:

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Where will Termarr be sent to. What level of play.

Cape Cod Sean

Picking 3rd in the draft next year. (As of right now) the 7 straight losses helped in that regard! Onward to 2023 mlb draft. Who you all got ?


Congratulations to both parties for getting this deal done….the draft was pretty ho hum as it was, to not sign Johnson would have been a disaster. Time will tell if he proves to be the better choice over Green, but I certainly hope Johnson is the real deal and can become a Cano type of player. I am cautiously optimistic.


With ~$700k to spend, it seems impossible to me that none of the unsigned picks can be signed. I wonder if BC’s statement about not signing anyone else was just a negotiating ploy? Put some fear into the agents that the money is off the table?

For me, I’d give all of the money left to Tejada. If they get him, I’ll be happy with the draft even if the other two don’t sign.


They probably have a valuation model and if Tejeda or whoever comes out as $400 k, say, they’re not going to go above that even if they have the money to do so. There is something to be said for objectivity/consistency/precedent but it’s also frustrating to not use all your resources.


I’d be more inclined to go along with that strategy IF they had another way to use those resources to acquire talent. But int’l FA spending is also capped. And regular FA spending isn’t happening. Even if it was, $700k is pocket change.

Isn’t there some notion of draft-and-follow now where they can sign the drafted kids after the deadline? I have no idea how the over slot money applies then, if at all. And UDFA’s is another place to spend, but I think that has a low cap. So maybe we’ll see it out to use.


Come on Ben. Trade someone already!


BC just said he believes they are done signing players so I’m guessing they aren’t going to spend all there money this year


lmao yikes

Bucs'N'Pucks (Jeff Reed)

That’s no bueno. If that’s so then this draft gets a definite meh


If Termarr is a star, you won’t care. Or you shouldn’t.


I’m ok with that. They all aren’t going to make the majors anyway. The ultimate goal is to have a winning major league team not a minor league system ranked in the top 5

Wilbur Miller

You realize you’re making the case for signing MORE guys, not fewer.

Bucs'N'Pucks (Jeff Reed)

That is true, but this just seems like poor asset management.


Isn’t there a cap on the number of MILB players under contract at any time?

Bucs'N'Pucks (Jeff Reed)

180. They skirt that with extended ST though.


Who else is surprised it’s not a bit more?

Happy for the young man and his family. I’m dreaming of the day in a couple years when Bubba and Termarr are both top 10 in MLB prospects.


Ok, everyone can finally relax and get their panties out of bunch. Johnson, as expected, signed.

Wilbur Miller

Not so fast. It’s fake news. The guy they’re calling Termarr is a crisis actor.


I thought maybe it was Kevin Hart everyone saw.


I came here to say this lol


It was going to happen and am glad it’s done. Now let us hope he’s as advertised.


It’s good stuff to have Johnson signed and I do not doubt he will rise fast. I’d make a pass at Tejada with the rest if the money – we need another Tyler Glasnow clone.


ya i’d be surprised if tejada signed


If the kid’s any good and Florida wants him, he can probably get a NIL deal that would compete with if not exceed whatever bonus amount the Pirates can pay and also improve his draft status for the future. I’ll be very surprised if he signs.


NIL deals have not flowed into baseball like football. If the Pirates offer him anything over slot, it would be more than what he gets at Florida. Only way he doesn’t sign is if he thinks he can be a future top pick.


Depends on how strong his commitment to Florida is and how much money the Pirates can offer. Unless Hunt & Bosnic require substantial overslot money, there should be enough funds available. Of the 21 picks, I agree that he is the biggest question mark.


i can see bosnic and hunt getting overslot bonuses. i wonder if that’s why they haven’t signed already


people have made worse bets


Wilbur Miller

I’m guessing they already have a deal, maybe with all three remaining guys. They just needed to finalize the priority deals first. They probably would have signed all their picks last year, but Kellington upped his demand late in the game.


Have you heard anything on tejada


to me, it’s more of bosnic and hunt may require overslot bonuses. so that’s less for tejada. but we shall see

Wilbur Miller

I almost don’t want them to sign Hunt. There’s nothing especially impressive about him and we’re going to hear over and over and over about how the “C” stands for Clemente.


gotta up the yinzer content if bednar is traded!!


Glad to hear he was finally signed.

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