Pirates Sign Four More Draft Picks on Tuesday Night

The Pittsburgh Pirates announced on Tuesday night that they signed four more draft picks, raising their total to 14 players signed out of the 21 picks this year.

The signings on Tuesday were:

10th round pick Tanner Tredaway

16th round pick Nick Cimillo

17th round Jaycob Deese

18th round Elijah Birdsong

The links above take you to the player pages for each player. All four players have been assigned to the FCL Pirates, which appears to be standard with the entire class this year. Here’s our draft tracker, which will be updated as soon as we get bonus information on each player. Earlier tonight we updated the bonus for Tres Gonzalez and gave a look at where the bonus pool money stands with all know bonuses.

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Last year we had two players drafted in the first 10 rounds get bonus’s of $7,500 and $12,500, saving a lot of cash for overslots. The Pirates drafted 3 guys like that, college seniors, with very little negotiating power, so being able to sign Kennedy and Johnson should not be a problem. I would say they both want to start their professional careers ASAP!


I saw a report that one of the college SRs, Massey, is signing for full slot. That makes no sense to me. He has little leverage. I hope that info was off base.

Wilbur Miller

He signed a little under slot. So did Walsh.

Wilbur Miller

Massey signed 93K under, Walsh about 18K.


Massey like several other seniors still has a COVID year if he wants to use it, so the leverage is similar to a college junior from pre-COVID. I’d be surprised if he signs at slot but I also don’t expect him to sign for less than six figures.


I think a lot of people are underestimating that covid year when it comes to signing bonuses.


Count me in that number! Thanks for the proper info


It turned out like I think we should expect for 4th-year seniors (as opposed to 5th-year seniors)–under slot but still six figures. This is a good thing, though, as the Pirates would have known Massey’s number when they drafted him and the fact that they still drafted him shows they believe in his potential.

WRT the COVID year, in addition to its impact on signing bonuses it’s also important to note that lost year in development so a guy like Massey will be a little more raw than we’d expect from a 22-year-old.

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