Pirates Sign Second Round Pick Hunter Barco

The Pittsburgh Pirates have signed second round left-handed pitcher Hunter Barco, according to Jim Callis.

The deal for Barco is $1,525,000, which comes in under slot by about $250,000. Barco is returning from Tommy John, which he just underwent in May. If he returns in the same form on the other side of the injury, he’s got the stuff and command to move quickly to the majors, with a chance at being a starter. For more on Barco, check out his player page.

In today’s premium article drop, I wrote about why Barco is still the most interesting pick in the draft for me, after Termarr Johnson.

Prospect Roundtable: After Termarr Johnson, Which 2022 Pirates Draft Pick Stands Out?

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Just get Johnson signed and then who cares about the rest, well probably the better half of some, and maybe the parents…

Wilbur Miller

Mackey says Brannigan has a deal. Maybe they’ll have a presser for him, Barco and Harrington, then a day later for Termarr.


Maybe Johnson will sign this weekend so the Pirates can introduce him to the home crowd. Hope so anyway. I also want to know how much money he is actually getting.

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AWESOME! Now go get Kennedy and I will be ecstatic!


I suspect the Pirates will end up leaving money on the table after all of their picks this year are signed – which is really unforgiveable quite frankly


They’ll spend every last penny. You might be able to complain that they gave someone too much, but they’ll spend it all.


Is there anything you won’t bitch about? Asking for a friend.


There’s literally nothing that happened that should make you suspect this. There aren’t going to be a ton of savings, and what savings there are will go to Kennedy, Tejada, and Harrington.

Also, the one thing that bothers me about all of the overly negative draft takes, is ultimately these will all be proven right, in every draft, every year. The bust rate is so high, that no matter the draft strategy, anyone who decides they are using literally no analysis and just decide to be negative for negatives sake, will almost always be right


since they’ve never done that I disagree

Ethan Hullihen

2012, 2015, and 2020 are the three years under the new system they didn’t use all the money allotted to them–this is not counting the 5% overage, which they only spent all of twice (2018 with $25 left, and 2021).


I believe they did that once, when Appel didn’t sign. But that is the ONLY time that I know of.


The only money they didn’t use was what they lost


Other than Termarr, Barco is the guy I’m most excited about from Pirates draft.


In August of last year BA did a “Way too early” 2022 draft and Barco was #10 . Did the same thing year prior and Braylon Bishop was #10 . Looks like we’re getting #10 Will Sanders, RHP, South Carolina after first round in 2023.


kinda surprised he signed for underslot. i imagine harrington will be overslot……


Maybe using it on that HS kid they took late.


I expected him to sign underslot simply because he cannot pitch this year and maybe only the 2nd half next year.


that’s fair


i’m sure this kind of insight is buried in an article on this site somewhere, and my apologies for not reading every single article, but can someone give me an idea of who we think will actually require *above* slot? Like, who will these savings be applied to?

Kennedy? Termarr?

Regardless, heal this kid up and send him to the velocity factory and get ourselves a solid pitcher!

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Kennedy I think is the big one. He’s supposedly got a pretty strong volley commit.


Kennedy, Tejada and possibly Harrington (sophomore)… and Temarr

John Dreker

Wondering about savings doesn’t really seem to fit this year because it’s basically just Tejeda and I doubt they take him without knowing whether or not his signing is going to happen. Either they knew his price or they hoped he would go JUCO and be a draft-and-follow possibility. Everyone else after the tenth pick should be easy to sign and quite literally, 98% of top ten picks sign now. The only question is Tejeda and I can’t imagine that they don’t have the money for him with the picks they made


Tejada=Termarr? Autocorrect?

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