Pirates Sign Three of Their Top Four Draft Picks

The Pittsburgh Pirates announced the signing of four draft picks on Friday night. They have signed 36th overall pick Thomas Harrington, 44th overall pick Hunter Barco and third round pick Jack Brannigan. They also added eighth round pick Cy Nielson tonight. All players are initially assigned to the FCL Pirates.

Barco’s bonus amount was announced earlier at just over $250,000 below slot value. Here’s our signing tracker. We will update the tracker and this article if more bonuses are announced tonight.

Here are the player pages/reports for all four players. The signing deadline this year is August 1st at 5 PM, so expect the signings to roll in quickly.

Pirates Select Thomas Harrington with the 36th Overall Pick | Player Page

Pirates Select Hunter Barco with the 44th Overall Pick | Player Page

Pirates Select RHP/3B Jack Brannigan with Their Third Round Pick | Player Page

Pirates Select LHP Cy Nielson with Their Eighth Round Pick | Player Page

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Kennedy was ranked like a late 2nd or 3rd round pick. I would hope $1M would be enough to get him signed. I think TJ should sign for slot but to make his agent feel useful, he probably gets an extra $250k. That would leave about $350k for Tejada meaning his offer would be ~$500k. Will that be enough?

There also should be some more savings but if I was one of the college JRs, I might wait until I was the last one then squeeze them for more using the risk of losing the slot value as leverage (assuming one of Kennedy or Tejada hasn’t signed).


Harrington, Barco, and Brannigan were solid picks, and overall provided $350,000 for overslot deals. I expect Michael Kennedy, HS LHP, and our 4th Round pick, to be asking about double the slot amount of $554,800. The Pirates have to get him and Termarr Johnson signed.


Does not seem to be many overslot candidates in the later rounds. What are they planning with the saved slot money? I don’t expect that Termarr Johnson requires overslot money to sign.. but maybe??

Last edited 2 months ago by HeisenbergWW

If Johnson was over-slot, would not think it would be by much. Holliday and Jones got 8.19m. Can’t see Johnson get that much. Maybe 250K to 500K over, but not more than that.

b mcferren

new cba says you an carry over to next year


I’m pretty sure that’s not true


That is interesting. I did not know that was the case.

Tim Williams

It’s not.


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