Rodolfo Castro is working on his defense to get back to Pittsburgh

INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. - Between Pittsburgh and Indianapolis, Rodolfo Castro has provided some thump with the bat this year.

In 81 games between the big leagues and Triple-A, Castro has 10 home runs, 12 doubles, and a pair of triples.

Castro has shown power and a low average from the middle infield throughout his career. When he was sent down to Indianapolis in June, he was focused on the other side of the ball.

“I came down here with a clear idea that I needed to keep working on my defense," Castro said through the translation of manager Miguel Perez. “I have had some success in the past, and I think defense is what got me up there. I have created a routine a few years ago, and I try to keep working on it. The effort is something that I came down to focus on.”

In his stint in Pitt...



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Ro Castro has been one of the best young MI’s in the system since we paid $150,000 to sign him as a 16 year old in 2015. Castro started as a 2B/SS, but has been used the past few years primarily as a 2B/3B. He made it up to MLB in 2021 as a 22 year old and played well on both sides of the ball.

In 2022 we called him up to play SS when Newman was injured even though he was still primarily playing 2B/3B at AAA. He struggled on both sides of the ball but still managed to field .934 at SS which was better than what Newman was fielding after a very strong fielding effort by him in 2021. It happens with ballplayers.

Castro is one of the kids we can depend on moving forward, and only turned 23 in May. The work of he, Oneil Cruz, Castillo, Bae, and others should be enough to convince BC to try to trade Newman in the next two weeks. There are decent openings available elsewhere and we cannot continue to play like Newman is a key cog in this Pirate wheel.


He also needs to remember to HUSTLE at ALL times.


I really like Castro. There are times when his play can drive you crazy but overall I love his passion, and am really hoping he’s a regular with the Pirates (possibly as a super utility guy) in the near future.

The challenge for the Pirates is sorting out who among Castro, Castillo, Bae, Park, and Marcano offer the most upside long-term and then finding trade partners for the others. Even that large group ignores Alvarez, Triolo, Shackelford, Gonzales, and Peguero in AA. Perhaps it’s a couple of players from this pool that can be used to bring in some relief talent at the deadline to take some of the load off of Crowe and Bednar while building for next year (I wouldn’t consider trading Peguero and probably not Bae, and Gonzales would be trading low, but the others…).


He’s been a favorite of mine since the very beginning. I’d say that he and Bae are my favorites to be the IF Utility player. I favored Castro because he was a switchhitter with better power, but Bae has shown a lot more power this year than in past years

One thing not mentioned is the impact, if any, on the MI path forward caused by the play at SS by Oneil Cruz so far at the MLB level. How a guy fields in the low .900’s at AAA and then fields at a .978 pace in his first 25-30 games at the MLB level is hard to explain.

I think his whole approach so far has been over-emphasis on his weakest tool, but I hope he is able to get his whole game together soon, meaning more contact, a lot less whiffs, and continuing to play .950+ defense. Could we see an MI of Cruz/Peguero?

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