The Top Available Draft Picks on Day Two

The Pittsburgh Pirates have the third overall draft pick today when the third round of the 2022 MLB draft starts up again at 2 PM.

The break between days of the draft gives teams time to talk to players about potential over-slot deals and figure out who might work well with their bonus pool. With that in mind, I wouldn’t be surprised if the Pirates went over-slot in the third round with the 83rd overall pick. This pick has a $770,300 value.

Here’s a look at the top ten available players according to MLB Pipeline. I’m using their list because the MLB draft tracker has already sorted out the top remaining picks. I also included the ratings for the same players according to Baseball America.

Brock Porter is the top available player according to Pipeline, rated as the 11th best prospect. He has a commitment to Clemson, a school that lost Bubba Chandler to the Pirates on day two last year. Here is his Draft Prospect Watch article from our site. BA ranks him 12th.

Tristan Smith is a lefty pitcher who ranks 46th overall, the second highest ranked available player. He’s also a high school player and he also has a commitment to Clemson. He has good velocity and the makings of a solid breaking ball, but he lacks solid control and his changeup needs major work. He’s also already 19 years old. BA ranks him 64th.

Malcolm Moore is a high school catcher with a high upside bat. He has a Stanford commit, so that could be a costly buy. Pipeline has him ranked 57th. He’s raw behind the plate and not guaranteed to stick, but the bat will play up at a less valuable position, though first base is probably the fallback option since his running is well below average. He’s also already 19 years old. BA ranks him 66th.

Jonathan Cannon ranks 60th overall and he’s a college pitcher, so buying him out of a commitment isn’t an issue here. He’s displayed first round stuff at times, but he also missed two starts this year, which might be a bit concerning. However, the Pirates took a second round pick who just recently had Tommy John surgery. Cannon doesn’t fit the prep trend, but he would certainly add a strong college arm to the mix. BA ranks him 46th, ahead of Thomas Harrington, who the Pirates took 36th overall.

Gavin Guidry is a high school shortstop out of Louisiana, who just turned 19 years old a few days ago. Pipeline ranks him 70th, while BA ranks him 86th. Basically, he’s an early third round pick according to these sources. He has a commitment to LSU, which could be tough to buy him out of since he’s from the same state. Guidry is also a pretty good pitcher and BA says that he’s a prospect either route he goes, which could be interesting if the Pirates want to try him as a two-way player.

Trystan Vrieling from Gonzaga is basically the same story as Jonathan Cannon, minus the injury concern. He didn’t slide to them, so he shouldn’t cost anything extra to sign. He’s a solid starting pitcher with a track record, so if the Pirates took him, it would be them stocking up on college pitching this year. BA isn’t as high on him, ranking him 104th, compared to 71 for Pipeline.

Bryce Hubbart, Florida State pitcher. See Vrieling and Cannon. Solid pick in this spot, but not likely to see an over-slot deal. Pipeline ranks him 72nd, BA has him 79th, so he’s early third round material.

Neal Brady, IMG Academy catcher. This is an interesting one. Lefty hitting catcher, with an LSU commit. Pipeline ranks him 74th. BA is 83rd, which matches up perfectly for the Pirates. He’s small for a catcher, at 5’9″, 180 pounds. He doesn’t turn 18 until after the minor league season is over. He’s a solid defender and his bat gets a 55 grade, with potential for power in the future.

Sam Horn, high school pitcher, who is a two-sport star. He excels in football and has a commitment to Missouri. He actually gets Bubba Chandler comps as a pitcher/quarterback and the belief is that he will be costly to buy from his commitment. Extremely athletic with huge potential on the mound if he concentrates on baseball. Pipeline has him 76th. BA is down a round lower at 106th.

Bradley Loftin, a 6’3″ lefty prep pitcher, ranked 79th by Pipeline. There’s a huge disagreement here with his spot between Pipeline and BA, who has him 264th. However, BA talks him up as a player who has really risen up the ranks due to added velocity. If he’s a pick here, it’s because the Pirates are more in line with the Pipeline rating. He has a Mississippi State commit. He’s considered raw on the mound, as scouts didn’t get many looks at him and he played soccer during the fall.

Trey Dombroski, lefty college pitcher. I really stopped this list at the top ten names, but this extra one here is because I share relatives in common with Dombroski and the Pirates should probably take him in the fourth round. I wouldn’t be mad if they did. He ranks 111th for Pipeline and 117th for BA. He’s a 6’5″ crafty lefty, with two above average breaking balls and 70-grade control. Pipeline says a safe bet to be a big league starter due to his command and ability to mix pitches.

Those are just some names to watch. We will take a second look at this prior to tomorrow’s first pick (11th round).

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Why can’t it be 2pm noooowwww (In my best Veruca Salt type whine)

I hate @#$#@W# waiting !!!!!!


All in on trey!


Two above average breakers and 70 control…. Straight to AA.
Wondering when 70 control becomes above average command, or is it already?


70 is definitely plus command, depends if thats present or future though


honestly don’t see much savings with their first 3 picks…so i wonder if they just play it safe and draft slot players the rest of the way. they could probably get one slight overdraft player with their usual senior signs….but nothing like last year imo

Bucs'N'Pucks (Jeff Reed)

Ooo, another name I like, now clicking through still available.

Orion Kerkering – SP from USF

Remember watching a few of his appearances during last year’s (2021) regionals, and he had electric stuff. Not the greatest command, but if they could refine him a bit, I think he could be a late day 2 steal, even if he ends up in bullpen.


Looking thru the best available, here’s the college guys i’m familiar w:

Carson Palmquist was pretty good this year at Miami, him, Parker Messick & Barco were the best LHP i saw.

Ben Joyce is the Tennessee reliever that pumps 104mph & is a Senior

Trey Lipscomb was the 3B for Tennessee & had a monster year as 5th year Senior

Silas Ardoin – superb defensive catcher for Texas, slugged 12 HRs this year

Brad Cumbest – 6′ 6″ RF from Miss State. Big time power, w 15 this year

Sony DiChiara – right hand version of Vogelbach. Lit up the SEC this year, DH only, bat was special


Nice post!


Rangers, Kumar Rocker Agree To TermsBy Steve Adams | July 18, 2022 at 8:59am CDT
The Rangers and No. 3 overall draft pick Kumar Rocker have agreed to terms on a $5.2MM bonus, reports Jon Heyman of the New York Post. The right-hander’s bonus clocks in well south of the pick’s $7,587,600 slot value, which should afford the Rangers flexibility further down their board. Rocker is represented by the Boras Corporation.

Pretty good deal for Texas…


And not a bad deal for Rocker either at this point


If he is healthy and still the same pitcher,after he was drafted scouts said he’s not the same pitcher,I wouldn’t have taken him that high


It will be interesting to see if Porter makes it to their next pick (4th round). If he does, they’ll have about $3MM to lure him away from his college commitment.

Wilbur Miller

With the caveat that I don’t really know sh*t, I like Moore, Brady, Horn and Loftin. This isn’t the spot for a “safe” college pitcher.


We’ve lonnnnng known that you don’t know s**t. 🙂 🙂 🙂 But you’re still funnier than heck.


Porter is the obvious choice, if the Pirates have enough money to meet his signing demands….if not, I like the sound of either Cannon or Moore


As a Mizzou alum and fan, I really hope Horn sticks with his college commitment. He’s our QB of the future, maybe as soon as this year, and has a great group of receivers to throw to. After he committed he helped recruit other players, so I think there’s a pretty good chance he will go to college. In the end, though, it will be which sport he loves most. The NIL deal should make money less of an issue, especially for a QB.


If he’s that good, I wouldn’t be surprised if he gets an NIL deal bigger than his mlb draft signing bonus


Love to see us steal Porter.


Go Trey Go!! I just think it would be a fun follow considering the connection with John. Surprised that John’s relatives did not disown him since he failed to meet his legal obligations for the last month when he did not mention Trey in is draft update columns  😄 

Last edited 2 months ago by robertkasperski

Given that it appears the Pirates are valuing control and Dombroski gets a 70 grade on control, there would seem to be a reasonable chance of this happening.

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